Tuesday , January 31 2023

The dollar drops 18 cents to $ 39.15, the day after the Lebac ends


Consistent with the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), where the currency falls to 32 cents $ 38.05.

In the informal market, for its part, the blue opera is stable $ 39, and joined the official quotation, according to a study by the media in the caves of the city center of Buenos Aires. In the meantime, "counted with the characters" fell eight cents yesterday to $ 38.49.

It should be noted that, following Lebec's last disarmament on Wednesday, the Central Bank absorbed $ 51,000 million through Lelik, although the contraction did not stop the currency that returned and rose 13 cents.

The US currency continued its bullish path due to a slight increase in demand for coverage, which increased the currency in the wholesale segment, where it rose 11 cents to $ 38.37, with a total operating amount of $ 501.9. million (10% lower than the one recorded in the evening).

"The floor is something slightly above $ 38, it seems difficult to be drilled at this time and predicts December is closing not far from the current level", said analyst Gustavo Quintan.

In addition to being familiar with the Federal Central Bank, which has raised rates as expected, operators have been careful about the impact of the last Lebaca on the market, totaling $ 68,618 million.

But BCRA managed to absorb most of this expansion and confirmed negligible progress in Lelik's rate, which was 59.45% (of the previous 59.44%), the highest since the authority removed the 60% floor (at the beginning month).

In this way, the volume at the auction in Lelik increased (to 9 days), to 51.105 million dollars, and put a total of 207.401 million dollars, with a maximum rate of 59.90% and a minimum of 58.80%. .

Other money markets

In the money market between banks, "call money" worked on an average of 57%.

Meanwhile, in the futures market ROFEKS, 849 million US dollars were traded, of which more than 55% were agreed between December and January, with the final price of $ 38.94 and $ 40.84 with rates of 60.25% and 54.64% respectively.

Finally, the international reserves of the BCRA increased $ 65 million to $ 58,707 million.

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