Tuesday , January 31 2023

The dollar is almost stable at $ 39.05


On the informal market, on the other hand, the blue opera is stable at $ 39, according to research by the media in the caves of the city center of Buenos Aires. In the meantime, "contado con likui" yesterday fell two cents to $ 38.59.

Yesterday, the card fell 29 cents in line with the world, the day after Federal Fed's decision on the rates.

It was in line with the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), where the currency fell 32 cents to $ 38.07 in line with the relative fall in the currency in the rest of the world.

The return touched at least a month after the Fed pointed to a series of interest rate increases over the next two years and expressed caution regarding the US economic prospects, diminishing the attractiveness of funds denominated in US debt.

The dollar index depreciated by 0.6% against the basket of currencies at 96,471 after it fell to 96,258, which is the lowest level in a month. On a daily basis, it is on track to record the highest percentage depreciation in six weeks. In Brazil, the dollar lost 1.2%, and in Mexico it fell by 1%.

During the round, on 31st day, the Central Bank closed the auction liquidity list for 91.487 million dollars, with an average reduction rate of 59.58% (on Wednesday it closed to 59.45%). The maximum profit is 59.88%, and the minimum return is 59%.

The maximums were recorded in the amount of 38.25 dollars with the agreed first transaction, eight cents below the previous closing. From early orders, the sale has increased, which completely influenced the price of the dollar, which made it to drill a floor of $ 38 with a minimum amount of $ 37.95.

In the hands of a re-born search for opportunities, prices have again exceeded the $ 38 barrier that has long stabilized in the range of 38.07 / 38.14 per unit.

In the last part of the session, the values ​​again dropped and grew at the end of the level significantly lower than on Wednesday.

"Only one working day before the end of the week and the proximity of holidays on Monday and next Tuesday do not encourage expectations of the current recovery of prices that could only increase after the beginning of the process of the month," said PR Ekchange Brokers.

Other money markets

In the money market between banks, the calls were an average of 56% of transactions. In foreign currency wagons, it was agreed to $ 102 million to take over and / or give money in pesos using the purchase of dollars for Friday.

In the futures market ROFEKS, $ 1,212 million has been agreed, of which over 55% have been agreed between December and January, with the final price of $ 38.53 and $ 40.45 with rates of 57.56% and 54 , 82% TNA, respectively.

The total amount of trading on the stock market amounted to $ 638 million. (27% more than yesterday)

Finally, the international reserves of the BCRA fell to $ 30 million in the US state in the amount of $ 58,680 million.

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