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The dollar rose in February


The USD I again exceeded the upper limit of $ 40, to $ 38.13 for the purchase and $ 40.07 for sale, according to the average made BCRA in banks and exchange offices. Thus, the US currency grew by 25 cents compared to the end of the previous day.

The escalation occurred in synchronization with the Single Market and Free Trade (MULC), where the currency rose 33 cents to $ 39.15 and took a little from the floor of the flotation group, which established the BCRA between $ 38,617 and $ 49,975.

Analyst Christian Buteler, in turn, said that "Lelik's shares rose in this period, despite the last five days where $ 126,498 million were not recovered." The average rate fell by 356 basis points and closed to 50,127%. % ".

"In a fine balance between the dollar against the rate for now, the fast reaction of the BCRA could contain a recovery of the course. The dollar has a rate of adjustment that increases its value, but that's not what monetary authority can handle but the speed at which it does," he said is an expert.

On the other hand, this Thursday, BCRA put liquidity letters (Lelik & # 39;) for $ 153.344 million at an average rate with a slight increase to 50.127% in 11 days. The maximum yield was 50.4801%, and the minimum yield was 47.999%.

"A recent strong expansion of the pesos would contribute to the reaction of the dollar, which would at least need to monitor inflation in order to avoid moving towards a new backward rate," said economist Gustavo Ber.

"Dollar prices have returned to parking in an area that is moderately to that defined as free floating by the monetary authorities, but without too much impulse to distance them significantly from the lower boundary of the area," analyst Gustavo Kintana said.

"The interest rate remains attractive for the investments in the pesos and is likely to continue to be an asset that the Central Bank uses as a moderator of developments in the foreign exchange market in the coming days," he added.

In the meantime, in the informal market, the blue dollar was stable at $ 39. Finally, the Central Bank's reserves cut $ 5 million yesterday to $ 66.985 million.

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