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THE END OF THE WORLD WARNING: Scientists are demanding action to prevent comet strike at the level of extinction | World | Nevs

The Astroid that hit the Earth millions of years ago was blamed for the destruction of the dinosaurs along with 75% of the planet's life at that time. The scientists will raise concerns at an international conference in Vienna next month for an organization known as the Asgardia, which was founded to help create rules in space when human beings begin to colonize the Moon or Mars. Although the chances of an asteroid attack that those species that have killed the dinosaurs are farther away, they are less likely to devastate the regional level, scientists warn.

They point out that in the last 100 years, Earth has been hit by at least three times space objects that have been exploded by force repeatedly by atomic bombs in Hiroshima and that future threats to life are inevitable if no defense is built.

The latest – announced by NASA this week – took place over the Bering Sea in December.

The space rock, several meters in size, exploded about 16 miles above the earth's surface with ten times the energy of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

Scientists and politicians want space agencies such as NASA and ESA to intensify existing efforts to discover and follow the NEO and devise ways to discard them from a strike on Earth or planned future human settlements on the Moon and Mars.

Jai Tate, one of the leading scientists in Ascadia and director of the privately funded Spaceguard Center in Vales, said: "Governments throughout the world must understand that NEO is a serious, even cataclysmic threat to human civilization, and that action must now be taken to identify risk levels and develop technology to protect this and future generations. "

Tate continued: "If the Earth were an apple, the skin of apples would represent the thickness of our atmosphere. Our lives depend on this incredibly thin shield.

"The electronic age in which we live is marked by heavy dependence on technology that is very prone to cosmic hazards."

He pointed out that solar storms together with corona mass exit (CME) can completely erase telecommunication systems, pipelines, electrical networks, control systems that control our elevators and traffic signal systems.

It would jeopardize the lives and the existence of billions.

He said: "One of the major long-term threats is a collision collision collision between asteroids, comets and other natural cosmic remnants with planets, months or space vehicles.

"The solar system's planets have a long and violent history of collisions with extraterrestrial bodies such as asteroids and the core of a comet. Several of these impacts on Earth have been large enough to cause major changes in the environment, causing mass extinctions and serious changes in time patterns and geography."

So far, NASA has identified nearly 900 asteroids with a diameter of at least a kilometer in orbit around the Sun that come dangerous near the Earth.

This number increases to over 19,000 when smaller asteroids are involved. The asteroid that allegedly killed the dinosaur was only 10 kilometers wide.

The alarm will be heard at the first meeting of the government of Asgardia, a recently formed "space nation" with 20,000 accredited citizens and a million followers around the world.

It proposes an ambitious long-term plan for the colonization of space for peaceful humanitarian reasons and the continuation of its commercial exploitation, for example, mining asteroids and comets.

The April Congress will see the development of the governance structure and operational strategy and will also cover scientific areas including those needed to defend NEOs around the world.

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