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the government is restarting the management of the work and there are already disputes over its replacement


Sika, with more power

The former minister has become a key player in promoting labor reform. But his management has been weakened by trade union struggles and crisis

"Minister of Labor is Dante Sica." With this assumption of content, the government will today announce the resignation of Horhe Triace to the labor secretariat, whose leadership suffered severe erosion due to difficulties in implementing labor reform, the CGT conflict and the cancellation that returned in order to avoid official ones in the last days.

A press conference headed by Sic serves to formalize the Triaka withdrawal, which will be completed in December, following the G20 summit, in which Mauricio Macri becomes re-elected to the world's leading leaders.

This will be the first step of a more ambitious plan to restore the air of the areas that saw its functions interrupted with the latest restructuring of the Cabinet and that now, under the full control of the Minister of Production and Labor, he will be in charge of a new design of labor relations, until the October elections.

This includes an urgent redefining of the place that CGT will take in the power of Macrist, one of the many faces of peronism that has become the Achilles heel in Cambiemos. The recent approach to Kristina Kirchner from the dialectical triumvirate of Hector Daera ended the alarm in the PRO barracks.

The "war of trenches" that the Triak practiced has failed, and Sica is now striving to deepen the dialogue with trade unions for the critical end of the year, accused of conflict over the impact of adjustments to wages and employment.

In your short-term agenda, you have to set a salary schedule for the following parities and a fundamental tracking of the branches in free fall. Among the sectors concerned are air, metallurgical, railway and automotive. If the authorities do not intervene, industrial unions predict the stress of the working climate.

"The idea is to keep the fluid of the trade union through a permanent table," they explained last night to the iProfessional near the Minister of Production and Labor.

"Superminister" opened this table by negotiating a decree establishing a $ 5,000-dollar rating for two years and a mechanism by which dismissal must be reported to the authorities for 10 working days of ancillation.

Although the measure has caused widespread rejection among industrialists, businessmen and civil engineering, CGT finally deactivated the fifth general strike that threatened to commence ahead of the G20 summit.

On the other hand, the Triak is marginalized from these negotiations. According to official sources, the officer was in charge of the aeronautics conflict, which paralyzed more than 200 flights last Friday without any work that dictated compulsory reconciliation. Far from approach, on Friday will be measured air passengers and controllers.

But as early as last September, the relationship with the unions reached a point without return. In the days before and after the fourth general strike, the official tried twice to meet with leaders of the Azopard, including in Casa Rosada, but ignored them. One of them was the extravitably Juan Carlos Schmid.

Succession bid

Despite the signs of continuity sent by Sica to the last hour, the release of the secretary of staff immediately gave up a fierce offer on the managerial and trade union field to find a close friend between his possible substitutions. On both sides, news has been expected for some time.

"We are now going through the Ministry of Labor, with someone who has a relationship with Sikh," said a man from the metallurgical union, led by Antonio Calo. That person would be a lawyer of the UOM, Tomas Calvo, who was ready yesterday to "follow" if he asked him, to the question iProfessional.

The expectations of the trade union sector are not overlooked: at the top of the CGT, the Minister of Labor and Production considers himself as his own. Remember this until recently, before assuming his position, he was adviser to metallurgy Francisco "Barba" Gutierrez and car Ricardo Pignanelli.

But they do not look bad on the other from Trieste Horacio Pitrau, despite the fact that the current Deputy Minister of Labor came to his post in August last year with the aim of deepening the confrontation with the union.

The other names that they sound like are Buenos Aires Labor Minister and former Techint Marcelo Villegas and Ferrocarriles Argentinos Lucas Fernandez Aparicio of Guillermo Dietrich, who left the job portfolio due to differences in Triacci.

In the business sector, in the meantime, they recognize that the Triac "ended the cycle," but with the change in the fuse, it became uncertain. "The best team for the last 50 years is now composed of a substitute, which is awaiting us", killed a member of the UIA dome.

The central factory still chews for the end of the year bonuses, although the decree provides for the possibility of negotiating their absorption in the community. Just the presence of Sike brings them some peace. Paradoxically, industrialists also consider that the minister is one of them.

"The important thing is not names, but politics, to extend productivity to the goal of working relationships," said Jose Urtubei, a UIA member.

Another industrialist, meanwhile, warned that "this is not fixed with the waist, because this model is not fixed."

You wear

Triaka's figure has been exposed for many years by numerous factors. The restructuring of the cabinet ended with a focus on co-operation with trade union organizations, the territory where transport minister Guillermo Dietrich and Interior Minister Rogelio Frigio found.

In the government, however, he denies that his resignation was linked to frictions that were last with Sic, or with complaints that he had accumulated in the last part of his appointment.

"No sort of trainee with Sika, nor does it cancel, nothing like, simply a personal decision that relates to the time of the government and the challenges that come"he explained to the media.

Since its early declaration, the Triaka tried to develop three-part dialogues, sector agreements and compensation agreements for social work. These were the political instruments chosen to carry out labor reform and maintain a firm parity control.

But soon after walking, he encountered unexpected resistance. Following an unsuccessful dialogue with employers for their unwillingness to stop layoffs and granting bonuses in 2016, Pablo Moiano frustrated changes in the Labor Law in December last year, to sleep in the Senate today, and that Sica will now promise to stay frozen.

This episode broke the link between Macri and the father of the truck driver, Hugo Mojana, who since then became a key ally of the government, became part of the "union mafia" – the official name of corrupted syndicalism – and that it was white from half the court case against him.

But he also wore Triac, which in turn became the subject of criticism of the guilds. "He wanted to promote labor reform and stop him together with Sergio Palazzo (La Bancaria) and CTA, it was an instrument of businessmen, the IMF and the worst minister in history," Pablo Moiano said yesterday. iProfessional.

In this way, the wealth of officials influenced his marked confrontation with the growing spectrum of trade union organizations, which involved the intervention of a dozen entities, fines for trade unions and disapproval of the agreement. The decisions of the Supreme Court on interventions did not favor either.

However, what left him on the edge of the pelvis, however, was the scandal of his employee in black Sandra Heredia, head of the maritime union SOMU, intervened two years ago. His irregular label exposed the net of nepotism that included his son-in-law Sergio Borsalino. But Mauricio Macri decided to keep him in his position.

At the end of October, the labor secretary was involved in another controversy when he was convicted in the judiciary for allegedly redirecting $ 15 million from the Union of Security Staff of the Republic of Argentina (Upsra), a union under political intervention and judiciary since 2016.

Triac is charged with allegedly transferring trade union funds to companies allegedly linked to his family. Two weeks ago, in the pictures released by the ADN Recargado program on the C5N, one of these companies saw two close friends of a secretary working with silver bags.

In the past few hours, the union of control and sustainability workers (Sutcapra) in the federal justice has accused Triak and its union director Karina Palacios of having been abusing authority and violating public official duties, according to the presentation formally to what it means.

Now, with his replacement, CGT bet to repay an agreement with the government. They believe that the bond will inject some consumption into the domestic market, but above all they hope to continue the negotiation dynamics which guarantees social peace and the functioning of social work in times of need.

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