Friday , January 27 2023

The lawyer filed an amparo complaint against the new Vaccine Law


The lawyer, through the order, asked him not to force him to vaccinate him.

"In the field of freedom, in the field of freedom, I go in justice and specifically say in writing that I will not complete the vaccination schedule, including all those who say they are obligatory." Before the facts, I ask the appropriate offices to be addressed to public bodies, "he said in a dialogue with FIRST EDITION.

Bondar explained, he asks: "I have the right to renew the DNI and the driver's license, and that I can get a passport and expressly state the evidence that I will not agree because, personally, I have serious doubts about the vaccines."

He stressed that "I have those who have applied to me since I was a child and I do not want to apply again, so I will not respect the law with the obligation to use vaccines." Because of this "I will ask the office to be sent to the Register of Persons and the Municipality of Ober, so in the case of my disregard, this documentation will be delivered to me".

As for the vaccines, Bondar said that "the laboratory's work must be phenomenal, I think they are not so harmless " and noticed that "the world is practically divided into two: for and against. How will the state force you to vaccinate? "

To close it, he insisted that "my thing is not to discuss the medical part, it is my right to freedom. I have the right to decide whether to apply the vaccine or not, the state can not force me against my will. Foundation in legal science and international treaties that I have the right to life in what I want, and the state can not force me to abide by the vaccination schedule if I do not want to. "

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