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The moon is within the Earth's atmosphere, a hard study

  • Observations carried out by the SOHO spacecraft for more than 20 years have led to a new discovery.
  • The earth has a covering of hydrogen as part of its external atmosphere is called geocorona.
  • Geocron extends far from the moon, reveals the study.

We are more connected with Mesec than we understood. It turns out that the outer part of the Earth's atmosphere extends well beyond the lunar orbit. In fact, it goes up to a double distance from the Moon.

This discovery is the result of the observation of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) – a spacecraft launched in 1995 for the study of the sun, operated by the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA.

Measurements taken 20 years ago by SOHO got a new look in the new study, which came to significant conclusions. The data showed that it was geocorona, the hydrogen envelope that wraps around our planet extends to 630.000 km (391.464 miles) t far from it. This distance is 50 times the diameter of the Earth.

Credit: ESA.

Earth geocron from the Moon. The ultraviolet image captured in 1972 with a camera operated by the Apollo 16 astronauts on the Moon.

Igor Baliukin the Russian Space Research Institute, the leading author of the study on the subject, explained that "The Moon is Fly through the Earth's Atmosphere".

Geocron appears when the planet's atmosphere comes into contact with the universe. This is essentially a cloud of hydrogen atoms. Between 1996 and 1998 SVAN, the instrument on the SOHO ship, was able to use its sensors to monitor hydrogen signatures, which precisely determined the edges of the geocorne.

"Data archived many years ago can often be used for a new science," said Bernhard Fleck, ESA SOHO project scientist. "This discovery highlights the value of data collected over 20 years ago and the exceptional SOHO performance."

Credit: ESA.

The extent of the Earth's geocorenes.

In addition to being transformative in understanding our atmosphere, the discovery can be helpful in finding a planet with water outside our solar system. Discovering the presence of hydrogen in their outer atmosphere can mean the presence of water vapor near the surface.

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