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The most spectacular video about the storm that struck the City and Greater Buenos Aires – 12/20/2013


An intense storm that struck on Thursday afternoon City and Great Buenos Aires left impressive images that neighbors themselves are responsible for sharing on social networks.

In one of the most unusual videos, neighbors used the waterfall to swim in the low passage of Spinetta, in the district of Buenos Aires Coghlan.

The flood was felt with greater intensity in the southern part of Buenos Aires, where many neighbors warned of heavy flooding, especially in Temperlei i Lomas de Zamora.

Down town Lomas water has risen more than 50 centimeters and the passage to the street has become impossible.

In Temperlei, in the meantime, the low level that gave the football stadium a waterfall and was flooded.

As happened in Coglan, neighborhood He used this situation to swim.

The Lanus, on the other hand, he saw some kind of "geyser" in the middle of the street. "The Water Dances," the Twitter user jokes.

Because of the rain, Rock train He stopped the service while he was Miter It is also affected, with limited directions: branches Suarez and Mithras they do not reach Retiro, but only to Belgrano R. And the one who leaves Tigers, but only to Nunez. In addition, there are delays and cancellations.

In capital, subtes A, B and C They stopped working for floods. Lacroze, Dorrego and Carranza were the most affected.

In addition, the city was also recorded Palermo and in different neighborhoods Belgrano and Villa Crespo, flooded streets are seen.

A warning issued at 15.30, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) warned, about rain and storms In the afternoon and evening hours, intense electric activity, the city and the dangerous water fall are expected in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires and most of the provinces of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Entre Rios, San Luis and Santa Fe.

According to the report, between Thursday afternoon and night "it is expected that some of these storms will be locally strong, accompanied by fierce intensity, intense electrical activity, occasional collapse of the car and a fundamentally abundant drop in water at short intervals and in a localized way."

The following SMN updates will be at 9.30.

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