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The mother hid some dir in her daughter's shoes before the Chronicle died


Emma Letts plans to marry her fiancé in August. (Facebook)

Emma Letts The 38-year-old Britian hired his boyfriend Richard Although she was very happy, her happiness was interrupted a month later, when her mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

They gave him one or two years of life, and the couple planned their wedding for August 2019, hoping that their mother would be there. Unfortunately, the mother died and did not participate in the wedding, but she could have been present in another way.

Emma and Richard were engaged in December 2016 and expected their mother to live to attend the wedding this summer. Tragically, she died in 2017. (Facebook)

When Emma went to pick up customized shoes for her big day, she felt overloaded to find a secret message. Her mother organized a secret message that she spoke on her shoes:I wanted you to get a present from me on the wedding day. Your wedding shoes are my gift for you ".

A beautiful message was written on the soles of the shoes, which she gave to Emin's mother. (Facebook)

"I hope you have a magical day. A lot of love and big hugs, Mom KKKK.

Emma, ​​who admitted that the wedding was difficult to plan without her mother, told the BBC she was crying a lot. She also mentioned that she had no idea what her mother had organized and that her fiancé was aware of those secrets and that she had helped her.

The boy discovered that Emina's mother contacted him: "Her mother told me she had cancer and she would not be there on Emmin's wedding day." He told me in the first message he sent me. His mother sent me an email and told me she wanted to pay for her shoes. I said, "Well, she already paid half." She told me: "Can I pay for everything, and then I return the money when I get my shoes?""

"I had no idea, my boy knew." It was an absolute shock. I took out the shoe and saw a part of the message and I could not think who would behe explained. "I started crying … I was absolutely in pieces. I could not breathe, I could not talkHe said.

Emma claimed that it was difficult for her to prepare a marriage without a mother. "It was so hard to plan a wedding without having it with me, and I had a lot of tears"He complained.

He shared his story on Facebook and quickly became viral. Amanda Veise, who runs a Lace and Love footwear store, said it was an honor to participate in this present. "It's probably the most sensitive pair of shoes we've made. I wish I had a bit of relief for her that day. It will be like walking on the way with your mother"He stressed.

Shoemaker Amanda Veise revealed that shoes were the most emotional she ever made on orders. (Facebook)

"I was aware that at that time I had terminal illness. I think Emma was hoping to be at the wedding. For the message he wrote, I think he intended to be after he left"He finished."

Emina's mom brought her shoes as a wedding present. (Facebook)

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