Friday , May 7 2021

The prosecutor confirmed that the CTEP militant was killed in the back – Telam

Rodolfo Orellana, who was killed yesterday during an attempt to land in Ciudad Evita, the province of Buenos Aires, La Matanza, was killed in the back, although the projectile could not make up for it to determine which weapons were being attacked, the state prosecutor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Julio Conte Grand .

"We have a preliminary autopsy that determines the inclusion of a firearm projectile in a scaffold, with an outlet hole in the face, at the level of the nose," the prosecutor described in a dialogue with C5N.

Conte Grand added that it is not yet possible to determine which weapon was used in the attack, because "the missile is not in the physical cavity and the caliber will be difficult to determine."

However, he explained, forensics workers working at the final autopsy will try to draw a profile of the weapon "based on the diameter of the inlet and outlet holes and internal work within the person's cavity".

"The first tests indicate that the shootings are behind the back," the prosecutor said, adding that the authorities were "warned and all hypotheses were being analyzed".

"We are very alert and we are at the most momentous moment of the test," said a public prosecutor in a second interview for Radio Miter.

Conte Grand also said the intervention had given Buenos Aires's Interior Affairs to submit a list of Buenos Aires police officers who were in charge of guarding the premises and who did not carry weapons, plus soldiers from nearby police stations when incidents began, went to " at least two patrol cars "to the site.

"In principle, it would be verified that all troops in place to ensure safety of shooting and possible earthquakes were carrying rubber bullets, but when the situation overflowed, reinforcements began to appear and we must check the weapons they were carrying," explained Conte Grand.

The prosecutor said that other tests were conducted from the prosecution in charge of the case and from the General Prosecutor's Office, such as obtaining testimonies and reports on police personnel to file a file, in which no one was arrested for the murder.

"Rodolfo Orellana of the PLO-CTEP police was killed in a landlocked conflict in Celina, people are desperate throughout the country, without work, without a roof, they can not rent and eat at the same time," he said. leader Juan Grabois on his Twitter account.

They also released a list of four detainees identified as Mirian Calizaia, Hugo Vedia, Wilson Delgado and Alanes Coria, who stayed at the third police station. Evita Citi.

The fact was investigated by prosecutor Jorge Iametti, in charge of Teatica Killings of the Functional Umbrella Unit (UFI) La Matanza, who ordered, among other things, an appropriate autopsy.

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