Wednesday , May 25 2022

The request of former girlfriend Emiliana Sale: "Please, investigate, I do not believe in this misfortune"


A private plane carrying an Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala of France a Vales to get involved in Cardiff, his new team disappeared in the English Channel area and after 15 hours of search and raking no traces were found, and these tasks will continue on Wednesday.

As soon as we heard about the suspension of raking, Berenice Schkair, a former girl jury, devoted an extensive post in which he asked to investigate what had happened because he did not believe it was an accident.

"I want to wake up and let this all be a nightmare, please investigate because I do not believe in this misfortune or I'm stopping searching for a bad weather when I find the objects floating fast, I'm wasting my time and not exploring, I feel powerless", says the model.

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"I can not stop thinking about you, Emi. Do dreams have an expiration date?" "In a second, your life can change." We are dust, we are transient in this universe where so much injustice happens that made me make me I feel like I do not feel long and I want to have you again in front of me "he continued.

"I do not know how to express myself, and this is something I think I will learn from now on, those who know me know the light in my eyes when I speak of you. Today everything has changed in the morning and I still do not fall. Why are these things happening? Why is such a fascinating man, full of projects, a workman, a good man, and dedicated to his business, are with him? Why are dreams not fulfilled? Why? My heart is broken, I can not accept it. Looks like a force like always, Emi. I feel pain, fear, anger and power that I can not do anything. Power as always, Emi. You are strong, we are waiting for you @ emilianosala9, Berenice concluded.

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