Friday , January 27 2023

The role of Laurit Fernandez lives in the final of the dance which has remained unnoticed for (almost)


Disapproved! Laurita Fernandez lived poorly in front of everyone in the final of the dance the basic error that almost goes unnoticed, but his friend sent him to the front.

The jury had her moment during last night's show to see the season and the emotions played a trick and made it wrong in the basic issue.

Laurita recognizes the air that is very nervous and considers that she worked in the program "For seven years now, I have been nineteen years old when I entered and now I am twenty-eight that I turned around the day before."

Angel de Brito, who was waiting to make his own balance, realized the problems of Laurita with addition and confiscation, and decided to publish it on Twitter.

"Laurita said 7 years ago that I was in the dance, I went to the age of 19 and now I am 28 years old … mathematics until March"he wrote a journalist.

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