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The sound of the son of Huang Darthes announced: "We are better than yesterday" – December 21, 2018


After the shocked arrival of Juan Darthes (54) on the Brazilian territory, where thousands of local actors rejected their entry into the country, the sound of an actor's voice aroused curiosity. Does not the international escapes affect them?

"We are improving a bit by bit, day by day, today we are a bit better than yesterday. It can be ups and downs, but good, little by little," began Thomas, aged 22.

The young man knows that he is one of the greatest supporters of his father and wants to bring peace to the one who was on the other side of the conversation: "Fortunately, my uncle came, so we are in the family, and it helps to decompose," he said he.

Both he and his brother, Gian Franco, carefully take care of their testimonies, to protect their father. A few days ago, it turned out that the boys were dissatisfied with the story his father did in his note with Mauro Viale, at his house in Nordelta.

On Thursday morning, Darth went with his children from Rosario airport to San Pablo in Brazil and awakened all the alarms. Is it a legal strategy? How did they let him go? Will he return?

The truth is that even though Fernando Burlando is no longer his lawyer (he let out his hand as Ana Rosenfeld, hours after he took over the case), he recommended the idea of ​​going to Brazil. Given his Brazilian citizenship, the lawyer explained to the actor that this is a good place to seek refuge, since he does not have a law on extradition.

Without condemnation of criminal justice in Argentina (Thelma is presented / shown in Nicaragua), Juan Darthes did not perform an act of flying and this would not aggravate his procedural situation, as long as it leaves Brazil to be present before the demands of Managua and Buenoses. Aires

Already in an interview with Mauer Viale – the only time he spoke to journalists of the appeal – he explained that he was ready to testify in Nicaragua, where he would present "a proof of his innocence". On the other hand, in the program Intruders, he said he took the tickets for Argentina on January 20th.

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