Friday , May 7 2021

The stepfather of the baby who died from a blow to the head was caught

Pravda explores the violent death of a one-year-old and eight-year-old baby in the Santa Gobernador Galvez city in Santa Fe that would fall from the hands of his father-in-law whom they arrested.

Police sources reported that the boy had taken his mother to the Gamen Hospital in the city, where he was admitted with a cardio-respiratory arrest and trauma of his head, which led to his death before the doctors could attempt to rescue him.

Faced with this situation, the police were notified of the death of a baby, which is considered "suspect", so local staff interviewed her mother, Noelia Z., 20, and Brian F., 21, the stepfather of the baby.

During his statement, his stepfather pointed to the fact that the child did not stop crying, he decided to walk, wear it in his hands, as a way to calm him down.

However, always according to his story, at a given moment, when he moved down the street 2 and Rosario, the child fell from his hand and the child hit ceramic iron.

But, as stated by the official spokespersons who quoted the rosary's newspapers Capital, after a while, Brian changed his original version and said that while he was holding the baby in his home, he fell two times.

After multiple contradictory versions acknowledging that he was beaten, he was arrested.

The child's death was reported to the patient's murder unit, Georgina Pairola, who ordered the on-site inspection and alcohol and alcohol tests for the mother and stepfather of the child.

The consultants pointed out that no judicial measures had been taken by this morning, although the investigation is ongoing. (NA and Telam)

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