Friday , January 27 2023

There are several areas flooded by strong floods in the city and the province of Buenos Aires


The meteorological service issued it veather alert for the City and almost the whole Province, where the city could fall. A few neighbors have grown.

"Parts of the coverage area are affected by rainfall and isolated storms, it is expected to intensify today between the afternoon and evening," SMN said.

"Some of these storms are expected to be locally strong, followed by waves, intense electric activity, a random drop in the city and usually rich water falls in a short time and in a localized way, "he added.

As a result of an abundant drop in water for several minutes, The floods were recorded in the neighborhood Palermo, Villa Lugano, Patricios Park, La Boca, Villa Crespo and Almagro, Inter alia.

The Southern area of ​​Conurban He was also hit hard, in particular Lomas de Zamora, Kuilmes and Avellaneda.

At the same time, due to rain, the metro lines A, B and C had to stop their services. In case B, Federica Lacrosa station is flooded, as well as those of the Constitution.

Buenos Aires falls 55 millimeters of rain to 16 hours. In the morning, there was a strong storm, which lasted about 15 minutes, and in the afternoon, around 15.30, in a few minutes there was an abundant drop in water.

The warning applies, next to the city and province of Buenos Aires, to the northwest, the center and south of Cordoba, south of Entre Rios and Santa Fe, and north of San Luis.

In turn, at 16.30, there were more than 33 thousand Edesura users and more than 5 thousand Edenors without service Energy.

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