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They accused Chief Ariel Rodriguez Palacios of harassment and went to answer


Geraldine Neumann accused him of living through repeated situations of psychological abuse, harassment and abuse of power by the driver.

December 20, 2018

Model Geraldine Neumann accused Cook of Kanal 9 Ariel Rodriguez Palates for harassment, psychological abuse and abuse of power. For his part, a television conductor tried to defend himself and said that he did not go into his program because he was drunk. "I think it's a bit out of place," said the chef.

It all started last night Jorge Otamendi, husband Geraldine Neumann, used the announcement by the driver on the recipe that he gave in the program to publicly explain: "The night comes to you, the darkness you have collected all these years and your dissatisfaction with women will abandon"

"I wish you luck with your family, because after that I think they do not respect you and you will learn to respect your colleagues," added the husband of the panelists. "I hope that you will have social consequences that are in keeping with your abuses and constant psychological abuse against women." You know that one day we will cross and we'll see each other face to face! ", He said.

On the other hand, Geraldine she took her husband's comment and announced it Instagram: "My husband sent this message to him because he knows how badly I had and a few companions while we worked on Channel 9. Tomorrow I never said that I'm trying to keep my profile in my career, but psychological abuse, harassment and abuse of power must be I end up, I expose so that no woman will go through it and work with @ arielrodriguezpalaciosom. "

In response, Rodriguez justified that he was not in the program because he was drunk. "Of fifteen people, we felt eight, one of which I would not come today, basically, because you may still see me running and disappearing," he said.

Then he continued: "I was at about forty degrees of temperature, and here we are always talking about how dangerous poisoning is. I know, and you also know, yesterday they talked about me that are not good, and I think it was a little removed from the place."

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