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They are investigating whether the girl was found in Aiacucho Sofia Herrera – 12/20/2013


Justice on Thursday searched two houses in the province of Bujos Aires Aiacucho and ordered DNA tests to determine whether a 14-year-old girl was found at Sophia Herrera's site; the girl disappeared on September 28, 2008 at the camp in Tierra del Vatra

The news was confirmed by Francisco Ibarra, a lawyer for the Herrera family.

"We look forward to the results, we want to be extremely careful, because Similar situations have already been experienced on several occasions, "the lawyer warned.

According to him, investigators of DDI Dolores arrived in Aiacucho "according to people's data" and information "in connection with 14-year-old baby with similar characteristics What is being asked "in the neighborhood of the Roma community of that city in the center of the province. I would have false documents.

"This has attracted attention and that's why Judge Daniel Cesari ordered these testing measures. Finger extraction and DNA analysis to have as much information as possible about the child. We have expectations, but for now this is a repeat of other situations, "Ibarra added, in a dialogue with TN.

Sofia Herrera disappeared on September 28, 2008, in a camp that was 58 kilometers from Rio de Tierra del Fuego when it was 3 years old.

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