Saturday , February 4 2023

They arrested an ophthalmologist who was convicted of abuse of his children


Four years after he was convicted of sexually abusing and mistreating his wife and children, DIL from Kuilmes was finally stopped on Friday by ophthalmologist Fernando Jose Bustince in a private settlement of Fincas de Iraola in Berazategui, for violating the restrictions on access to their victims.

According to the images circulating in social networks, the arrest took place about midnight in the middle applause and insults from their neighbors.

The case came out as part of # MiraCommonNosPonemos, when his son, Santiago Bustince, now married, reported on Twitter the abuse of the victims and the fact that his father was still free, although he was He was sentenced to five and a half years in prison would be Abused abuse by the link.

So far, the ophthalmologist, who was son of a judge very important for Lomas de Zamora, He did not even spend a day in prison She continues to practice as an ophthalmologist at the Kilmes Clinic. In spite of the order, he lived several meters from their victims, at the border of the neighborhood. Even his ex-wife worked in the same place and had to avoid him every morning.

The doctor abused his three children because they were babies. "When I was a kid he naturalized his abuses"Santiago Bustince explained to Diario de Marian several days earlier, and said:" It was a process to realize that it was wrong. "The hinge, perhaps, who pushed him down this long road until he was caught in the net, was he sees his father for the first time who abuses his little sister, who at that time was only 3 years old.

The first complaint took place in 2006. Eight years later, Bustince was convicted, although he was still free because his defense appealed to the Supreme Court. Finally, the social pressure exerted by his children and neighbors after the case became public could be higher and Bustince was arrested. "I hope this is a condemnation that kills you, a social conviction," wrote Santiago when he stole his father.

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