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They attacked the headquarters of the Bar administration and kidnapped 300 tickets and $ 10,000,000

Court investigation of illegal resale of tickets for football matches

A river

This resulted in two attacks on homes in San Miguel and Villa Devoto, where members of the bar of the millionaire would live, known as Los Borrachos del Tablon. According to City Police sources, in the proceeding of $ 10,000,000, $ 15,000 and 300 tickets for the Grand Finals of the Tomorrow,

Cup Libertadores


They hijacked 300 tickets for
They kidnapped 300 entries for "superfinal" and investigated whether they were original Credit: City Attorney

The home that he was looking for in San Miguel will be a trade union leader at the bar of the lock, Hector Godoi, better known as Caverna.

As explained by the City Police, the first expert opinion on
maps The kidnappers would find that they were original entries.

"Obviously, there is an agreement with the manager," said Marcelo D'Alessandro, Buenos Aires Security Secretary in the afternoon coffee program LN +.

The city prosecutor explained that there are still a number of tests for determining originality or non-confiscated tickets.

"The investigation that began with the resale of maps has expanded and advanced to other research hypotheses," the source with the access to the file said.

The trials were requested by the prosecutor, the opposite and the guilt of the city of Buenos Aires, Norbert Brotto, ordered by Judge Patricia Larocca.

"Godoy is always in every move with input cards: with protocols, with those partners who have already passed away, and people have been forced to impose swirls," said a detective who was investigating Cavern in several court cases.

The investigated sources reported that the investigation began on April 5, when a "offer of resale tickets for Mercado Libre for a match between River Plate and Independiente de Santa Fe, Columbia, the first round of this Copa Libertadores de America" ​​was revealed. "

Part of the money that is undernourished
Part of the money that is undernourished Credit: City Police

From that moment on, public prosecutor Brotto, along with the cooperation of the Department of Criminal Behavior in public spectacles of the City Police, began a survey of those responsible for reselling. "When crossing data and eavesdropping, it was possible to find two homes connected with river bars," added consulted spokespersons.

As said, in the building where the "Caverna" Godoi, San Miguel, will live, 300 carats were abducted for the Copa Libertadoras match which will be played tomorrow by the river and

A bottle

"These cards will be given to be accredited if they are original or apocryphal," sources from the City Prosecutor's Office explained.

Credit: City Police

Police also seized a significant amount of river clothing and more than $ 10,000,000. "A criminal organization would have close ties to Barrabrava from the Plate Club, because one of the persons wanted in the residence and who was not found was one of his leaders. Shortly thereafter, the lawyer representing Godoi appeared at Brotto's prosecution, sources have been consulted.

At the other address located in Villa Devoto, the case file, computers and phones were seized. Qualified judicial sources explain that it would be a property in which another bar would live. The informers identified him as Jose Uekuin, better known as "Bag Potatoes".

Neither Godoi nor Uekuin, according to judicial sources, have an arrest warrant.

Bombs and hijacked flags
Bombs and hijacked flags Credit: City Police

"This operation is the result of a joint effort between the Office of the Public Prosecutor and the City Police, which began after the complaint of allegedly reselling tickets by the river." What we found was that it was obviously a mafia organization that benefited from these resale operations and we headed forward. With all the means at our disposal to disrupt it, this operation is part of the daily struggle we are taking against these criminals who are concealing themselves as fans, we have no tolerance for violence and football violence, "said Justice Minister Buenos Aires Security, Martin Ocampo.

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