Friday , January 27 2023

They found big carnivores dinosaurs


(ANSA) – sharp teeth such as legs and legs with strong claws such as steel differ from Saltriovenator zanellai, dinosaur The largest meat-sized meat of large sizes found in the world, discovered in today's Lombardy.

The young ceratosaurus lived 200 million years ago. The honey is nearly eight meters long and difficult: a war machine, according to the identity discovered by paleontologist Cristian Dal Sassa, Simone Maganuco and Andrea Cau. The first Italian dinosaur Jursico and nico Lombard, Saltriovenator introduces a new species that retreats in 25 million years, there are big savages of dinosaurs. This hunter ambush and walking bpedo lives between tropical beaches and lush forests that cover the present western Lombard.

His identity, published in the PeerJ magazine, reveals a copy of the impressive dimensions for him, with a 80-centimeter skull armed with sharp teeth and the front ends of the rings, three of which are heavily equipped with claws.

His anatomy suggests that bird wings originate from the fusion of the first three fingers of the dinosaur terpod. "Although fragmented, the skeleton shows the brain of ancestors and derived anatomical characters," said Dal Sasso, a paleontologist at the Natural History Museum, who went to California and Washington to identify the most complex bones to identify the precise position in the most complete skeleton. "Not all fragments are combined, but many are adjacent and allow us to reconstruct the shape of whole bones. We need to use the 3D printer to complete the puzzle," he explained.

Saltrovenovac remains are the first bones of dinosaurs, where bites and parts of fish and marine invertebrates were found, that the hull remained at the bottom of the seas for months or years before fossilization.

It was found in Saltrio (Varese) in 1996, in a quarry known for providing stone blocks for Teatro alla Scala, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the Royal Palace of Milan, as well as a part of Mole Antonelliana and Cappella Colleoni from Bergamo.

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