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They seek life imprisonment for two defendants and four and a half years in prison for the third – Telam


The first two are charged with possession of narcotics because of complicated commercialization, as it is harmful to minors and conducted in the vicinity of the school, and sexual abuse with a complicated physical approach in an ideal competition with femicide.

For the complainant, Gustavo Marcelliac, Farias is the author of sexual abuse and femicide, while Offidani acted as a necessary participant. In so much, Maciel was considered to be a concealer, the reason he demanded much less pain. During today's hearing, when Marcelliac completed his application, Farijas began to cry: "I did not rape her; I did not force her or anything," forcing the Criminal Prosecution Council 1 to order her to be evicted from the courtroom.

In addition, he felt that "it does not matter if Lucia died of pain caused by sexual abuse or if she was abused by some object" and stressed that it was "adults who recruited children at the school's door to sell drugs and satisfy their sexual needs" in the context of a "perverse and cruel game" that ended the life of the adolescent.

"It has been proven that Farias and Offidani were partners in narcotics sales, sex abuse has been proven, while Farias and Offidani as protagonists, violence against women and the use of narcotics have been proven," the Appellant added. The lawyer also proved "a harsh physical approach, under the parameter of re-taking women," and he considered that Ofidani was aware that Farias had misused Lucy and that his purpose was to follow him later.

Marcelliac said at Maciel that he "helped Farias and Offidani erase traces", "cleanse and fit the body" and remove narcotics and information from Farias's house. After the alleged complaint, judges Facundo Gomez Urso, Aldo Carnevale and Pablo Vinas went to the fourth interruption until tomorrow, when the defense of Maria Laura Solari will be completed.

Last Friday, Prosecutor Daniel Vicente asked for a lifelong imprisonment for Farias as the author of "sexual abuse with a complicated body approach in an ideal competition with femicide, with the difficulty of supplying narcotics to a minor." In the meantime, for Offidians, he asked for 18 years in prison as a necessary participant in the crime, while requesting the acquittal of Maciel, as experts during the trial dismissed the juvenile's body washed away.

The case of Lucia Perez had a strong impact on the national and international levels two years ago, after the prosecutor, who was originally in charge of the case, Maria Isabel Sanchez, at the beginning of the investigation reported that the victim was drugged, raped and "attached" were finally rejected.

This case even resulted in the first international women's strike that took place in Argentina in 2016, fostering the feminist launch of Ni Una Menos.

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