Saturday , February 4 2023

They warn that smaller stations will accept cards on summer spots


Finally, it seems that at the gas stations there was a bit of calm in terms of prices. All this suggests that this scenario will be left without fear at the beginning of the holiday. Of the main organizations that bring together businesses from the sector, the value, after accumulating 14, has increased throughout the year, and reached a point of equilibrium that does not bring new adjustments to justice.

But now, what concerns is not so much the price, but the problems that car owners have when it comes to fueling and trying to pay.

It happens that, as a result of successive increases, many entrepreneurs in sales have begun to reduce plastic payments since September. And these obstacles are nothing but intensified in the last part of the year.

The argument on which the appellants want to justify the measure is directly related to the deadlines set by the issuing companies for the performance of operations paid by this instrument.

According to the main actors of the sector, the settlement every 28 days that the system has established generates a strong loss of profitability, given that, while these funds are expected to occur, the value of fuel replacement increases.

As a result, many tenants pose a condition for re-enabling payment by the plastic cut of that waiting period.

However, on the issuer's side, they do not want to give up: they claim that their reduction would lead to a financial risk situation. And that is a big disadvantage, before the settlement period, an inflationary scenario that does not give up.

In this retreat and relaxation these months, businessmen in sales abound to those who only allow payment by debit or cash.

Even CECHA was warned that the refusal of the gas stations to accept payment by the card will increase in the coming months. Especially at points chosen for rest.

"We had a meeting with the Trade Secretary, also at Banco Nacional, with the idea of ​​finding a solution to the problem, but there were no exits, and card publishers do not want to contact", stressed Lego, the Confederation.

The executive has said that the immovable position of the entity could exacerbate the problem of offices and that these difficulties would be passed on to customers.

At the same time, he claimed that organizations such as FAENI, which gathers Santa Fe's appliances, are already staging actions against plastics companies for alleged "abuse of a dominant position".

"There are many gas stations that only pay cash or debit cards because this is a legal obligation, we understand that" disagreement "about which stations are saying to justify it, but the sector sells at a price and then refills fuel. You can not be almost a month days of waiting for payment, the ability to pay by card will be increasingly limited if it does not change in the short term ", said Lego.

Castellano, from CECC, also expected that restrictions would intensify when paying for plastic, although he admitted that the measure was not positive.

"Dropping cards means losing almost 50% of the operations, but there are many entrepreneurs who prefer to lose sales and then have to deal with higher costs due to the variation in the fuel price in the refill. They had difficulty buying again, we expect to be more and more stations that will cease to accept this payment agent for a moment ", he concluded.


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