Wednesday , July 6 2022

This is the first deposit without human operators that only works with robots


Online retailer deposits automated their logistics line with robotic weapons and systems of the Japanese company Mujin


replacing people in repetitive and boring tasks, they seem to have come to a point to completely replace them. In online store stores in Shanghai, China, has just opened warehouses equipped with robotic arms, conveyor belts and only five operators responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the automated system.

"The transport of heavy boxes is probably the task that creates the weakest injuries in logistics warehouses, and we believe we have a solution to these cases," said Rosen Diankov, co-founder of the company.
Japanese company Mujin, responsible for the automated system implemented in warehouses, of 40 thousand square meters. This modality began to work in June and has 20 industrial robots that take, transfer and package orders along with conveyor belts, cameras, sensors and various control devices. invests only five human workers who are not responsible for operational tasks and are responsible for maintaining robots, developing and resolving problems that can occur everyday, such as demolishing the box by inaccurate robot arm movement.

Despite apparent replacement of human operators in, Diankov believes that robots will not replace people or take away jobs. "The use of robots will create more sources of work, companies that bet in automation have become benchmarks in their industries, such as Toyota, which has become the largest automotive industry in the world," said Diankov,
quoted CNBC.

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