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Three best apps for memory training


While recent research has concluded that forgetful people are smarter than those with high retention, memory is valued and useful in many ways. There are various techniques to improve this capability, and some of them are in mobile application stores.

There are alternatives for iOS and Android, free in all cases. As you can see, suggestions in this field bet on the game as a learning variable.

Movement for the brain

Lumositi is an application that has a journey of ten years, in which nearly 100 million members are registered. With the motto "discover what your mind is capable of," the tool has been developed by neuroscientists and includes a series of games that promise to help improve not only memory, but also attention, mental speed, and resolution of the problem.

"We are turning classic research tasks into the game to create skills such as memory or attention," they say. The app is available for computers with Android, iOS, and can also be used from a computer. While it's free to download, please register: it's possible to do this with your Facebook credentials or with an email from Google.

When you enter in, ask to fill in the profile (gender, education information, occupation, etc.). After the level test, it proposes a series of tests that must be completed every day. "Whether you start a day or while you wait for a bus, you can train wherever and whenever you want," they say.

To rise

Elevate's app is available on iOS and Android enhances the connection between memory and playable suggestions. In fact, this includes many mini-games that aim to favor different abilities. For example, reading speed, concentration, and some mathematical knowledge.

As if it is a physical training application, it provides detailed information about the performance of users in the games and their daily progress. On this basis, difficulties increase. It also offers personalized programs for different profiles and interests.

It should be noted that many features of this application are available for free access and are listed in the category of "brain training" in English.

15 minutes a day

NeuroNation has more than 10 million downloads, only on Google Play. Also available for Apple and PCs, is assumed to be the scientific method used in brain training.

Their programmers say that 15 minutes a day is enough to improve memory. It also includes a comparing performance comparing section with other users and friends, adding this playful quota that distinguishes applications in this field.

The application is free and requires you to enter it with a Facebook or Google Account. Good news: We did not find invasive ads, like in the above applications.

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