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Titan, the biggest Saturn moon, should be the next destination, NASA engineer says

Titan, the largest Saturn month, should be the next destination, NASA scientist says. Janelle Vellons, an NASA engineer, says that it is necessary to consider resettling Titan in case the Earth becomes habitable. She lost the reasons why we should take this into consideration, and one of them is that we will be able to fly with our own hands.

"[Titan] it has a dense atmosphere that could protect us from space radiation, "wrote Vellons at Reddit. "It's so dense that we could actually attach wings to our hands and fly this month. I do not know, it seems to be a great place to live. "

Titan is the largest Saturn month

During Reddit's appearance, NASA's pilots, engineers, and scientists posed questions from the public, and Vellon was also part of it. She offered answers up after one Redditor asked the team, in case the Earth would no longer be the right place for people's lives, where would mankind move?

The greatest moon of Saturn, Titan, Janelle Vellon considers the answer to that question. And that is, no doubt, a more exciting answer than the standard Moon or Mars.

"In order to take into account one of the water worlds in our solar system – Titan," she wrote. "Titan is the largest Saturn month, even bigger than the Mercury planet, so I think we could accommodate many places," added Janelle Vellons.

Despite the bad weather, Titan should be the next destination, thought NASA's engineer

Although Vellon is thrilled with this idea, Titan still has its definitive flaws. Compared to the Earth, only one percent of the sun's light is produced by our planet, and freezing minus 292 degrees Farenhagen is the maximum temperature that the largest Saturn satellite can achieve, according to a NASA survey.

However, Vellon does not lose hope. She wrote that although you think the conditions are rough, it's not so bad. In addition to the Earth, the only other place where we can find liquids in the shape of the sea and the lake is the Titan.

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