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Tristan or picaron ?: Confusing family episodes with Tristan


The actor did not open the door of his apartment, and his children called 911. Versions of violence, weapons, a "black widow" and a fake play

Tristan or picaron ?: Confusing family episodes with Tristan

"I'm fine," Tristan said, disturbing cameras and microphones when he "gave up" and left his home / web

Tristan had a very crafty morning yesterday. The actor was involved in a confusing family episode, which ended with police intervention and SAME, in his apartment at Beruti 2400, in Buenos Aires, in Recoleta.

The most dangerous version showed that, after a violent discussion with his elderly son, Federico, a 82-year-old humorist threatened him with weapons. After the fight, Mladic went to sleep in his mother's house, and in the morning when he wanted to get into the apartment, he could not call his brother Hernan to help him, but when he saw that the comedian did not open the door, they decided to name him first SAME and the police.

"My father is a 82-year-old man, he locked himself in the apartment, my brother pointed his gun at him and wanted to pull him on the tenth floor. We're afraid he'll set himself on fire." He closed, "Hernan shot.

Everything was a big tension, joined by media coverage and a lot of police. After 10 o'clock in the morning, he gave up.

Tristan was then treated by doctors from SAME clinic and taken to Fernandez Hospital. "I'm fine," he told the cameras as he climbed into the clinic and denied having a weapon, something the police would find when they checked the site.

"It was scary because we thought something had happened to him," Federico explained to the press and admitted that he was fighting his father, obviously because he was "a sexually active person" who wanted to stay alone with intimacy with a young man lady. . Some versions claim that the boys were worried that their father had a "black widow". Others claimed that Tristan had an episode that was the victim of Alzheimer's diagnosis, something they denied.

As she wore the afternoon, another rumor began: did everything seem to promote the next comedy show? Natalia Sanchez, the granddaughter of a comedian, spoke to Pimicias I and accused her uncle Federika of compiling this episode to appear in the media.

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