Wednesday , May 25 2022

Two revised classics: how are the new versions of the Honda HR-V and Kia Carnival


The market has received two new renovations. On the one hand, Honda has introduced a new & # 39; HR-V which includes a new style and better equipment. As far as this update is concerned, a wide and chrome front grille is displayed on the outside, covering the entire frontal area, moving to new front lights and improving brand identity.

At the back end, the optics have two horizontal LED strips, with a dark finish at the bottom. The integrated LED turning lamp is also mounted in the side mirror – from the EKS version – and the 17-inch alloy wheels are more modern and sporty.

As far as the interior of the HR-V is concerned, the front seats are new, more modern and ergonomic, with a new coated leather and a double seam for the EKSL version.

On the other hand, he added a coating Piano Black, new cup holders in the central console, chrome finish, and the EKSL version includes a new Triple Ring Ambient Meter instrument panel with three illuminated arches.

Regarding equipment, all versions include cruise control and Bluetooth hands-free system. For its part, the EKS and EKSL versions have climate control, while EKSL adds an electric and right overlap of the side mirrors with the Tilt Dovn function – shifting in the mirror. The new 7-inch multimedia system screen is also new.

The HR-V maintains a 1.8-liter powerjet engine of 140 hp and 17.5 kgm at 4,300 rpm. The offer is available in three versions: LKS at $ 895,000, EKS to $ 975,000 and EKSL to 1,050,000 pesos.

"Carnival" minivan from Kia

On the other hand, in Carillo, Kia introduced the new & # 39; carnival, family van up to 11 passengers. One of the main novelties is the installation of new versions, among which is the entry into the range that maintains the same level of security as the more advanced versions stand out, which improves its list.

At the mechanical level, The Carnival has incorporated a new automatic gearbox with eight ratios in all versionsand maintains a CRDI 2.2 turbo-diesel engine of 197 hp that stands out for its good performance and more efficient consumption. In the end, it also shows some aesthetic changes – the leg – from inside and from the inside.

Carnival is sold from $ 46,990 to $ 56,990 and has a warranty of 5 years or 100,000 kilometers.

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