Friday , May 7 2021

"Vaccines prevent the death of 3 million people a year" | Chronicle

One week after the end of the national campaign against smallpox and rubella, a former model Gisela Barreto returned to give controversial statements against vaccines. "A part of the extermination of the entire population is vaccine", Barrett said in his television program, which led audiences to explore the Internet "The Bad Effects That Vaccination Brings".

"They want to destroy us, they appear and show us as something that heals and saves us, but in the program we will show you how they are part of our death" said the former model, which was an example "One of the highly toxic vaccines is HPV." Quickly, specialists noted the importance of the use of a vaccine against HPV, a virus that causes cancer in the neck of the uterus and produces 1,800 deaths of women in our country. What caused the biggest concern was that Barreto claimed his statements with the support of a doctor Chinca Brandolino, a doctor who was one of the leaders of the movement "Let's save two lives." "Vaccines are terrible and produce autism, you listen to everything that the vaccines do and you are frightened, a tetanus vaccine, according to the doctor, we can apply it, attacks on children by health officials", added the media.

These words are contextualized in the midst of government campaigns so that vaccination plans are met. From the Argentine Society for Vaccination and Epidemiology (SAVE), they reiterated the importance of vaccines and reported preventing the death of 3 million people a year, of which 2.5 million children. "They do, together with purification of water, the most effective way to improve people's health and increase the life expectancy," they wrote in their account Твиттер

In addition, they found that 750,000 unaccounted children with an additional dose of triple viral one week after the end of the national campaign against smallpox and rubella. In this context, they emphasized that vaccination is not an individual act, since "Protect yourself and those around you."

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