Friday , May 7 2021

Vidal will announce a bonus for pensioners and progress to the state

Source: LA NACION – Credit: Javier Corbalan

LA PLATA. Governor

Maria Eugenia Vidal

will announce a bonus of 3500 pesos for pensioners who receive the lowest retirement. This will also be an overview of the aguinalda for Buenos Aires civil servants in the early days of December.

Yesterday, President

Mauricio Macri

He announced that he would not grant a bonus to pensioners. With this announcement at the provincial level that the Governor leaves Lanus in the afternoon, Vidal is so separated from national decisions.

Bonus for pensioners is applied only to those who receive less than 10,000 pesos. It is a measure that seeks to alleviate inflation.

Among the announcements is the application of the 700 pesos bonus for the users of the Mas Vida Program, which reaches 300 thousand people, as well as the increase in the amounts received by the Cohesion and Solidarity Homes.

In addition, the governor announced that the second year in a row will be launched once again a discount of 50% of the Banco Provincia for the purchase of super and hypermarkets. "There are already 15 chains connected, more than 1780 sales and more than 4.2 million Buenos Aires users, and nearly 70% of those who have access to this benefit are pensioners and civil servants," they explained.

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