Thursday , May 19 2022

Video: Meteorite falls on Moon during "superman"


In the night between January 20 and 21, thousands of people in different parts of the planet could receive, as already announced, three astronomical phenomena at once: the total eclipse of the Moon, the "month of blood" and "supermoon". But, unexpectedly, some managed to capture the fourth event in the natural satellite of the Earth: the impact of the meteor on its surface.

"The stone, when it collided with the lunar land, was completely destroyed and, at the same time, it created a new crater, and it was struck when a part of the energy became light, so that the light is a flash that our telescopes have picked up, commented Jose Maria Madiedo, full professor at the University of Huelva (Spain), in the declarations for National Geographic Spain.

And indeed, in the appropriate shot you can see a small flash that appears on the visible side of the Moon. The video was taken from the Seville Telescope Project MIDAS.

The scientist confirmed on his Twitter account that the impact occurred at 5:41:38, the local time of the Spanish peninsula. According to the professor, it is likely that this stone was a comet fragment. In addition, he stressed that this was the first case in which the fall of the meteor was caught during the lunar eclipse.

"All the efforts, day and peak without sleep and the stress of managing eight telescopes at the same time were worth it, an additional incentive that motivates us to continue the same path," the expert wrote.

Madiedo has described in detail, on the other hand, that the meteorite effects on the surface of the Moon are frequent. "There is basically no atmosphere on the moon, and then there is nothing to stop the rock when it collides with our natural satellite," says the professor explaining the existence of a large number of crater.



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