Friday , May 7 2021

Volstrit closes, with a fall in energy

NEW YORK, NY. (AP) – Key Indicators in stock exchange of United States They closed on Friday after a short holiday session, hit by a drop in energy companies, hand in hand with the price of US crude oil, which reached its lowest level in more than a year.

Main indicators

Index S & P 500 closed 10% below its most recent maximum level, in what Vall Street denominated as "correction".

The S & P 500 dropped 17 points, 0.7%, to 2,632 units, leading to an index of 10.2% below the record level set for September 20.

Industrial average Dov Jones It fell by 178 units, 0.7%, to 24,285. Compound Nasdak fell 33 points, 0.5% to 6,938.

Treasury bonus

The yield on ten-year treasury bills rose to 3.05%.

The price of oil

The US fell 6.1% to $ 51.29 a barrel after renewed fears among investors that a global economic slowdown could affect oil demand. Among the shares of energy companies, Chevron fell by 3.4%.

The decline in the market share of technology companies has also increased. Apple dropped 2.5%.

Volume of operations

The trading volume was mild, as the markets opened only half a day after Thursday Thanks giving Day, which is a holiday in the United States.

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