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What is the political impact of Ramos Padilla's investigation of Stornelli's extradition and espionage

The plot thickens: after the judge Alejo Ramos Padilla presented the Congress with some of the evidence it leads in researching a new judicial, political and media network of the international scope, the president Mauricio Macri He decided to promote his political judgment, in a move with an uncertain outcome that casts light on the depth that this investigation can achieve.

The "Unlawful spy network of huge size" it was revealed to the judge after a search of a domicile fake lawyer and a real spy Marcelo D 'Alessio not only to check the cause of photocopies of notebooks that served as the main court sword against the former president Cristina Kirchner in the face of this year's campaign; It can also shake key figures from the ruling coalition, such as deputy Elis Carrio, and representatives of the ruling Cambiemos government., as Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich. But this is a process that still takes the first steps and future discoveries can highlight new implications, with unpredictable consequences. Macri's order to advance against Ramos Padilla, in any case, leaves in evidence all that is at stake for the president in this case.

Politics Comodoro Pig

It is not the first time that the government is trying to remove a judge or prosecutor who is investigating sensitive issues. It can be said, almost a modus operandi Let's change when it's against the rope.

It is worth considering the most relevant cases: the prosecutor Juan Pedro Zoni has been removed for reasons that explore the debt of Correo Argentino, in the hands of the Macri family; for the same reason, Gabriela Bokuin He had to address the Supreme Court of Justice in order to avoid the same fate. Former Social Security Prosecutor Gabriel de Vedia had to leave his position after the cancellation of negotiations with the Anses funds involving the head of that agency, Emilio Basavilbaso, and the then Minister of Finance, Luis Caputo. A few days ago, the federal judge Claudio Bonadio, in the pause of taking photocopy notebooks, he dismissed both officers without further delay. For the judge Sebastian CasanelloIn the meantime, in February, they removed an investigation into Camembert's foolish contributions to campaigns in 2015 and 2017. Martin Irurzun, the author of a doctrine that allows preventive retention of an opponent, at the request of the plaintiff Carlos Stornelli. Everything has everything to do with everything.

However, the progress towards Ramos Padilla this time will not be so simple. The conduct of proceedings before the Trial Chamber, by the authority known for its tactical connections, may at first appear to be an act of clumsiness: according to the totality of the sources that it consulted The Destape, It is unlikely the government will gather the necessary voices to turn the judge back.

According to consulting sources, it is unlikely the government will collect the necessary votes in the Council to turn Judge Ramos Padilla

It is hard to believe that an administration like the one in Cambiemos that made internal courts its backbone ignored this poroto. It is worth guessing that the ultimate goal is not, in this case, the head of Ramos Padilla, but throw an investigation leading the judge to the bottom of the cracks. The Council is, above all, a political body whose members usually have well-defined party positions. It is a trap in which the opposition must avoid falling if it wants to keep track of the progress of the target. In that sense, a march that tries to summon from some of Kirchner's sectors for the day Ramos Padilla returns to Congress It looks like a forced error. In this case there will be no street that guarantees the administration of justice.

Illegal espionage, post-election and electoral collision

In the middle of the election year this cause can be a milestone. In the first case, only Kirchnerism followed Judges Dolores, while the ruling party wanted to file a complaint. In this intrigue, friendly Peronism, along with its advanced partners, followed the game Change, discharging the hearing of a judge before the Commission for Freedom of Expression and refusal to make that meaning before overseeing the intelligence bodies.

The presentation last Wednesday changed the game: the quantity and quality of the exhibits forced the ruling party to accept acceptance in this case and sow doubts in other parliamentary blocks. Once again, reality narrowed the middle path until it became invisible to the experienced eye.

In these hours, lobbying comes from Telegra and Vhatsappa. The voices of righteousness enclosed with the Federal Alternative will be crucial in the immediate future; There is still no position on this topic. On the other hand, some radical leaders see the opportunity to distance themselves it is becoming less attractive in election terms and, at the same time, to punish his intimate enemy, Carrio congressman. On the fourth floor of the Court Courts, where the requests for help that came from Dolores have so far ignored, it can not remain indifferent to the cause that is directly addressed.

Ramos Padilla "made his investigation a political issue," the executive said in a statement announcing Friday that he would begin proceedings before the Magistrates Council on Monday to hand him over to a political trial. Interestingly, or not so, an investigation itself can be the only thing that is not political in this mess. The unlawful association, which D 'Alessio was likely to have participated in, had, in addition to financial distractions, political goals, both local and international, therefore, it is clear from the listeners whom the judge has published.

In view of this, the implications of this conspiracy profoundly penetrate the political life of Argentina. It is the responsibility of the three branches of the state to ensure that the cause is successful. One of them, for now, seems to have waived those obligations. The state congress and the Supreme Court are tasked with protecting officers involved in the investigation and providing them with the necessary means to make the truth known, and the perpetrators are punished. If they do not, the Republic, so mentioned in these years, will renounce its power, leaving the whole country and its inhabitants outdoors.

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