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Where will Juan Darthes live during their stay in San Pablo?


The acting trip with an elderly son in Brazil raised the question of where to spend his days in his home country and legal process.

Where will Juan Darthes live during their stay in San Pablo?
Where will Juan Darthes live during their stay in San Pablo?

For more than a trip Juan Darthes (54) Brazil, for its part, was a legal strategy, the decision brought uncertainty in the light of the trial that it initiated Thelma Fardin in Nicaragua for violating the law. On Tuesday morning, the actor went to San Pablo from Rosario International Airport accompanied by his eldest son in a tourist class.

Considering the Brazilian nationality, Fernando Burlando he suggested that he be removed from there, because Article 50 of the Constitution of the neighboring country prevents his extradition. This was acknowledged by an artist's statement in the dialogue with the included: "At some point I personally recommended that you leave Argentina. As a Brazilian, it was a good idea to return to Brazil, especially with regard to the Brazilian legal system and how the Constitution treats the citizen."

Since then, there has been speculation about a specific site in which Darthes (in principle) would spend (in principle) his month, as well as in Intruzos, claiming that he took the tickets to Argentina on January 20th. On the one hand, Daniel Ambrosino count in the program Jorge Rial"Darthes would have a house in San Pablo, in a place called Ribeirao Preto, and the half-brother is a big Brazilian beer manufacturer."

On the other hand, Nicolas Peralta added to Corta would be Lozano: "He will take shelter in a cousin's house that lives in the suburb of San Pablo, which owns a restaurant. He will stay there, accompanied by his son."

At the full justice fair in Nicaragua and without a complaint to the criminal justice system in Argentina, Juan Darthes did not commit an act of escape and would not complicate his procedural situation, as long as he left Brazil to be present before the demands of Managua and Buenos Aires.

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