Sunday , October 2 2022

Why do two Harvard astronomers say that aliens could visit us?


Oumuamua space rock, observed over a year ago, is the first interstellar object to visit the Solar System and does not resemble any previous comet or asteroid. Does this mean that intelligent aliens sent it? A recent study that examined the Oumuamu orbit, which means that the transmission line first comes in, suggests that it can be.

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Shmuel Biali and Abraham Loeb, the astronomers of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), recently looked more closely at the unusual acceleration of a cigar-like object during their travels in 2017 to find out what might cause it. unexpected impulse in the movement of the object. This scientific article was published in October in the arKsiv prepress magazine and presented Astrophisical Journal Letters.

Although the acceleration of the orbit of an object is characteristic of comets, because their frozen bodies evaporate and leave behind behind them a water vapor burn by moving the object, Previous analyzes suggest this is not a comet. The building did not slow down (as expected), but it went faster and faster; Unlike all the snakes that were previously noticed, there was no tail and the speed of its reversal did not change.

Scientists have discovered that the pressure of solar radiation could pass Oumuamua if the object, or its part, was thin enough and powerful enough to act as some kind of "light candle", which generates a drive using solar energy. They used it on this occasion and although astronomers considered that this structure could have been formed naturally, they also thought that intelligent aliens might have formed "a bright world of artificial origin."

However, this conclusion is only one of the possibilities presented in the new study, because even when Oumuamua was still in the cosmic neighborhood, but now it is beyond the reach of human telescopes. On that occasion, astronomers from Australia showed a powerful instrument in Oumuamui 400 meters long (400 meters) to see if they could detect radio transmissions indicating signs of life on the object (or ship), but nothing was noticed.

However, although these Harvard scientists say extraterrestrials can explain the strange interstellar Oumuamu thing, probably not. The transient pressure of solar radiation does not mean that Oumuamua is a camouflage probe; in June this year, a study published in Nature explains that the surface of the asteroid can generate this mild impulse caused by the gasification of the ice formed by the Oumuamua. The evaporation of the ice on its surface releases enough gas, so that it registers the Sun in the near-term impulse (as it just appears in the exposed part).

In September, another group of astronomers published an article on in which they proposed, following the trajectory of this mysterious object, that it could come from one of these four stars: HIP 3757, a red dwarf; HD 292249, which is a Sun type star; and two other stars without a name

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