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Why the Bottle Was Welded – 11/11/2018


The first final game left the feeling that the river was more pleased, but that Boca showed that his weapon allowed him to dream and win the finals. Why does the Villiam team believe? You must win on Saturday 24th in Monumental to turn to Nunez and add the seventh.

1) ENDORSEMENT VORACITI Bottle hides its problems to create a game with a hierarchy of several of its players. This is a team that does not need a previous association, so their attackers are in a position and goals. Abila and Benedetto again showed that they were doing little to put them on. Vanchope, a tireless space generator, made the goal he made. And Pipa took his bench at the moment of nodding, getting his first superclasico goal. Two performances that happened as another, if not that Boca has this scoring ability.

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In the absence of variants in playing, the driver's absence to convert those Barrios, Nandez or Perez recovering in dangerous situations, this occurs two animals in a goal that make suspicion of a group game.

Goal of Vanchop: Armani could not contain a blow

Goal R. Abila (B). Boca 1 – River 0. Final (Ida). Copa Libertadores 2018. Video: FOKS Sports Premium.

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2) ARMANI AND DOLL DO NOT INVISIBLE The goalkeeper rounded up his infamous picture for a short time. During this time there are two games against Boka in which he was determined. But not only that string, it broke Guillerm's team. Gallardo had an enormous record against Boka by hand: he did not score a single goal.

These two taboos were omitted. While the goalkeeper was sent an overhead crossing, Boca would show some weaknesses in his final match as a response to Vanchope's goal. On the other hand, Muneco who came with two for Sudamericans, two for Libertadores and one for Supercopa, remained undefeated in terms of goals against.

Dario Benedetto gives the second bottle just before the half-time

Goal D. Benedetto (B). Boca 2 – River 1st Final (Ida). Copa Libertadores 2018. Video: FOKS Sports Premium.

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3) MAKE MORE Staying with Copa Libertadores is more than enough to motivate and give yourself a hand. But with such an open sword, Bottle knows he does not nothing is comparable to leaving a champion in Monumental, with all people against, without the support of his people. It's a plus that river players can not have, for obvious reasons. They both know that they are dedicated to this Olympic round, but for Boka it is as though Argentina won the World Cup in Brazil.

This is how Vanchope's goal was at La Bombonera

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4) ROSSI LEARNED FOR SITE COLLECTION Bok's port has been debating for some time. Obviously, by the simple and singing fact of the comparison, when Armani began to stop while saving himself in the river. They brought him another goalkeeper as a starter, but Andrad's bad luck gave him a chance again. Agustin Rossi was a figure when it was difficult for the team to maintain the alluvial with which the Gallardo team started.

Rossi avoided the river again

Bottle 1 – River 1st Final (Ida). Copa Libertadores 2018. Video: FOKS Sports Premium.

5) YOU CAN HAVE PLAYERS FROM HOME. If there is something that Bottle's potential in this Copa Libertadores was their matches as visitors. His vertical style and quick going out against him fell well when he played in Brazil against Cruzeiro and Palmeiras. The need of the rooms can open spaces for their goals. Surely, without Pavon, who is injured, he has the speed of Villa, and also Zarate, who did not enter the first primetime.

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