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Windows 10 will debut the design for the Start menu in 2019



Microsoft just published a & # 39; build & # 39; Windows 10 which corresponds to the first update that we will see during the next year 2019. In addition to the new Sandbox, in order to improve security when installing unreliable software, we found New design for the Start menu. It's not a drastic change, as you can expect, but Redmond's company wants simplify display icons in mosaic format to enhance user experience.

Latest Microsoft Updates for & # 39; Insiders & # 39; is build 18305 operating system Windows 10; And as we said, it comes with new design default for the Start menu. This means that this change will not affect users who update the operating system that will continue with the configuration they have chosen, but on new devices, clean installations and new user accounts, as well as those who change the configuration for use New Start Menu Design in Windows 10. According to Microsoft, it was required & Simplify Design & # 39; reducing the elements for a sleek display.

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More and more events in the Windows 10 operating system that we will see in the first major update of the next year 2019

Redmond continues to present itself new features and functions in which, as we have said, will be the first great Updating the Windows 10 operating system in 2019, during the first half of the year. We'll have it Windows Sandbox in order to prevent damage to the system by installing unreliable software –only in Pro and Enterprise versions and a new record of activities by Windows Defender. In another, we can see what threats the security and action system has found for the user.

We'll also see Updating the Windows 10 operating system for the next 2019, improving the integration of the system emoji by pressing the Windows key in combination with points and counts. And the clipboard, which will also debut with the new design, adds improvements in dark mode. These following updates will not include full implementation Fluent Design, but according to Microsoft, it changes in the dark mode "Part of long-term plans" these important design changes on the general level for the operating system.

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