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With exciting words, Fer Dent first talked about his sexuality: "I'm gay!"


Thereafter Cande Tinelli for the first time, will be encouraged to publicly open the privacy gateway for social networks his fight against bulimia and anorexia, newly known used this means that the silence is interrupted.

MIRA MAS: Cande Tinelli talked about his dramatic fight against bulimia and anorexia: "I've lost the beautiful moments of this mierd disease *

Since his private life was always on the margins and focused on his career, Fernando Dente decided to use his Instagram account for the first time to talk about his sexuality.

With a series of photos of boys, the artist said: "I am gay! I think everyone already knew, and if not, they know now. And I am proud that I am, because it is the result of accepting my feelings and my wishes ".

"I dedicate this post to a ten-year-old Fero who felt unsuccessful, frustrated and misunderstood", he added after an exciting text.

Many years ago my sexuality ceased to be a "theme" in my life. Although it was at some point, especially as a child when I felt that something "did not work in me" differently (unlike what happened in my family, on TV, in magazines, etc.) Since I decided to start honest According to my feelings, in my personal life I have never lied or covered or anything similar to the subject. But it was not always the case in the public sphere. And while I still believe it's absurd to go out and clarify certain things (Nobody goes out to explain it is heterosexual) I begin to make some noise and this "avoids" a topic that is one of the things that define me as a person, and I really love it to be. How I like to be Argentine, English Green or Madrid. I always keep the privacy that happens or what's happening inside my four walls, and I'm sure to continue on that side because it's how I decide to live. But one more thing is to keep the part of the one inside. Today I begin to make noise that my sexual choice is locked up there when I have nothing to protect and protect who I am. In case you do not understand: I am gay !!! I think everyone already knew, and if they did not, now they know it! And I am proud that I am, because it is the result of accepting my feelings and my wishes. I do not know whether this will be the last time I talk about this publicly, but I'm sure it's the first! And I feel like I'm taking a very good step for myself, so thanks for being part of it. I devote this message to ten-year-old Fero who felt unsuccessful, frustrated and misunderstood. We're here baby! We are where we came, with happiness as right, but also as duty.

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