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With two goals per minute, Godoi Cruz turned the match against Armenia and advanced to the 16th Copa Argentina final.

Godoi Cruz he remained unprecedented Armenian Sports to 32 ends Argentina Cup. With two goals injuries, Tomba he turned the result into a team that plays in the First and With 2-1 in his favor, moved to the next stage of the national competition.

The team led by Lucas Bernardi confirmed his weight as the team of the First Division and was better in the game, but at the same time very imprecise in the final meters of the court.

In this way, the one who took advantage of his opportunity was Armenia, who, with an effort, achieved the goal thanks to the excellent definition of midfielder Cristiano Ortiz. In the 26th minute of the first half, the attacker received the ball from the left side in front of the goal and the first one put the ball in the top right corner of the goal defended by Roberto Ramirez.

The climbing team endured the attacks of Mendoza actors and kept the difference in the result to the break.

Already in the complement, while Armenio withdrew with the intention of defending his partial victory and attempted to use the counterattack provided by his rival; Tomba made modifications and topped his game to try to achieve equality.

Although Godoi Cruz had several opportunities for danger, he was inaccurate in defining the performances.

Ten minutes from the end coach Bernardi decided to send Victorio Ramy to court as the final variant to try to make the story and it paid off.

Already at the time of the discount, the 24-year-old sent the center to the right and sent the ball to the bottom of the net to reach the tie at the traffic light and forced the definition of the pencil.

Of course, a minute later, the striker got the center back into the heart of the area and put it right to the side to give his team a troubled win.

Godoi Cruz managed to advance to the 16th finals and that key will be measured with a winner in a duel in which Huracan and Union de Sunchales will pass.

Godoi Cruz: Roberto Ramirez; Luciano Abecasis, Diego Viera, Tomas Cardona, Agustin Aleo; Fabian Henriquez, Jalil Elias, Ezekuiel Bullaude, Angel Gonzalez; Santiago Garcia and Juan Martin Lucero. Technical director: Lucas Bernardi.

Armenian Sports: German Oviedo; Fernando Pascual, Santiago Villarreal, Juan Casarini, Mauro Rubira; Makimiliano Ortigoza, Nahuel Sica, Matias Costas; Lautaro Montani, Cristian Ortiz; and Santiago Gomez. Technical director: Jose Villarreal.

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