Tuesday , January 31 2023

Within a few hours of the Bailando final of 2018, Jimena Baron was scared and woke up in the program


Jimena Baron is one of Bailando's finalists in 2018. Today, along with Mauro Caiazzo, Sophie Morandi and Julian Serrano will face the latest program of the most famous dance competition in the country last night. Although it should be a joy for all these hours, he was disturbed by the TV program because of the aggression he was constantly receiving.

In The Shov Specialists, she said she was tired of "constantly hitting". He called for the critiques he received because they offered to sing in order to provide the dream of Mary del Cerro. "I had a simple intent to work with the dream of Meri del Cerro (eliminated in the semifinals). I do not have a baker, I am a singer, no matter how much I kiss some people, as well as with that. they do not help me arrive today as much as I want to get, maybe they do it deliberately and say 'enough' "he said through tears.

Former Danijel Osvaldo also crossed with Flavio Mendoza, with whom he had an unexpected obstacle in the networks. He recorded a video with his son Dionysi to support Del Cerro and react with irony, saying: "Hold Mirko". Although he did not like his attitude, the choreographer told him everything was fine. "

What started on Twitter, it went into the air: "It was already, Flavio, it's not the whole strategy of life, it was, a certain border that goes to hell is not good, I think I'm asking you to down here." It's pretty upset.

In the end, Jimena assumed she would like to start this important day in her career in a different way: "Everything affects me a lot and I do not think it deserves a level (aggression.) I understand the game, but today I would like to get happy and I feel bad . "

Also, in Los Angeles de la Manana, Cinthia Fernandez also criticized her, she said she was very dancing. "It's nothing against Jimene, but in the tango she walked on the eggs, she was guilty, she deserved to go over the phone more than once, she was the only one who appeared in Bailando," she said.

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