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Worst: young Garin hospitalized with leptospirosis died – Escobar: Escobar Nevs: Escobar Dai

Life is shortened. Mediavilla was 26 years old, a 4-year-old girl, married and studied mechanics.

The life of Pablo Mediaville came out at the Muniz hospital at age 26. He was an FV operator diagnosed with a Fatima clinic at the clinic. "I'd rather go," his father said.

After fifteen days fighting for his life, Pablo Mediavilla, 26, a young Garin who was a national news, died on Tuesday evening after being admitted to the Fatima de Escobar Clinic with suspicion of a hantavirus.

Frustrated information began to spread on Wednesday on social networks and was confirmed by the family itself. "He died at 8:30 pm due to acute respiratory insufficiency, bilateral pneumonia and leptospirosis," he said. Escobar Dai the boy's mother, Rosana, moved completely.

Mladic, a four-year-old girlfriend, and employed at the FV plant in Vila Rosa (Pilar), where he is suspected of being infected during cleaning operations in a warehouse, was hospitalized on Thursday, at the Muniz de Capital Federal Hospital on Thursday, after being transferred from the sanatorium Escobarense at the request of the family.

Two days later, studies conducted at the Malbran Institute ignored the presence of fears of hantavirus in his body. Although they found out that he was suffering from a disease that was caused by infected rodents and could be fatal: leptospirosis.

"Yesterday he stopped breathing with his tools and put an artificial respirator. Now, we have to see how it evolves in the next 48 hours … If that does not work, I'm dying," said his father, veteran veteran Claudio Mediavilla, when he heard the results analysis.

Unfortunately, it was several days ahead of schedule, but the end was the same.

"The skinny man did not deserve it … For the Laboratory, because he was already finishing the mechanics … I am a veteran of Malvin, but the truth is that I would prefer to go, see what I tell you," said his father. Escobar Dai, torn from pain.

The physical remains of Pablo Mediaville were covered in a closed box on Wednesday evening at the Center for War Veterans in Escobar.

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