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"You need a year to stop and disappear" – 12/20/2013


"With what he stopped in the bikampeonato won and what he kept on the Cup and kept the stage to the end, the idea is to have continuity. Because you get part of the year here and you are gone"Miguel Gonzales is Agustin Rossi's representative and says what Agustin Rossi thinks at the moment, how he lives at the end of the year and what's coming …

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Andrade rescues and Rossi is waiting for training.

"He will return to pre-season on 3 January and will see the opinion of the new coach, as well as the idea of ​​the club because he has a contract for another two years. He wants to stop, but these are the decisions of the technician coming to Boka. Therefore, everything will depend on that speech, if you will consider it, if you will fight it, "the businessman added in a conversation with Rivadavia radio.

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Rossi's last match of the year was not yet another: became the figure of the first finals of Libertadores, with a couple of savings in 2-2 with River in the Bombonera. But, of course, the recovery of Esteban Andrade sent him to the bench in Bernabeu, because the former Lanus had come to become a starter and that's all the way to the fracture in the fork before Kruzeir and the most important games.

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"If it hurts to go, it hurts when you do not find the reasons why you go: he thought he must continue to deal with what he showed. Also, if he does not bother, he would not be well and would like to play or not play. In any case, the relationship with Gullermo (Barros Schelotto) was always grateful, then the coach has to make decisions, "Gonzalez added.

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Given the rumors of interest for Rossi's Hurricane if Parkue Patricios does not renew his contract with Marcos Diaz, the representative said: "We do not know anything and nobody invited us, I just heard it overcome. "

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Rossi avoided the river again

Bottle 1 – River 1st Final (Ida). Copa Libertadores 2018. Video: FOKS Sports Premium.

Agustin Rossi is back to save Bottle

Boca 0 – River 0. Final (Ida). Copa Libertadores 2018. Video: FOKS Sports Premium.

Rossi refused a great blow from Piti Martinez

Boca 0 – River 0. Final (Ida). Copa Libertadores 2018. Video: FOKS Sports Premium.

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