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AFL 2019: Adelaide loss for North Melbourne, worst ear performance, AFL 360, On The Couch t

"It's a futile belief that this club has fallen in two years."

Like many who watched Adelaide lose from North Melbourne on Saturday night, Brovnell's medal, Gerard Heali, was stunned by the performance of Don Pike.

In 2017, Crovs was the highest and most amusing viewing team in the AFL. But, against the clocks that had previously been unbeaten, the crows produced only eight goals from insignificant 36 within the 50's and were scattered around the ball.

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And when the game was ready to be taken, the arcane challenge that once was the trademark of Adelaide had never been seen.

So, when analyzing TV on Monday night, many commentators and experts – like Herald Sun the main football writer Mark Robinson – has not missed.

"It was the worst result this year," Robinson told Fox Footy AFL 360.


The crows "in a massive hole"


"This Adelaide team seemed to have lost all direction from their leadership.

"I do not know the answer to this question, but is it still going on since last year?"

In response to Robinson's assessment of Adelaide's efforts against Kangaroos, Coach Prime Minister Paul Roos told Fox Footage On the couch: "It's hard to disagree with this rating of this performance."

Roos highlighted the 22-second passage of the game from the Vrana vs. Rosa conflict that personified their lethargic effort.

The crows cursed three efforts

The crows cursed three efforts


He began with striker Josh Jenkins who allowed Roo Robbie Tarrant to take a good decision before Kyle Hartigan lost one-on-one against Jack Ziebell in the half-ahead and Daniel Talia, who Ben Cunnington marked in close targets in an attempt to t be "so different from Thalia".

"Everyone talks about not playing for the coach, but they do not play for each other, it's the biggest concern in team sports," Roos said.

"They do not go. He has maximum effort and effort. They give effort, run around and their GPS numbers would be fine, but they do not give maximum effort.

"We do not have the privilege of being in that club, but there is something intangible, something is wrong with that team."

The tears of Taylor Walker were lost from the northern Melbourne clocks.
The tears of Taylor Walker were lost from the northern Melbourne clocks.Source: Getti Images

The triple Premier League, Jonathan Brown, said there are many gnats in Adelaide, which at this point are too easy to "love".

Brovn was particularly irritated by the reaction of Crow's players when Roo Luke McDonald was late to Chaice Jones – an act offered by MRO Michael Christian weekly.

"One player from Vrana comes to resist. Yes, maybe they do not want to give free kick, but I think it's time I'd like to skip my 10 guys, Brown said. On the couch.

"This kid plays his fourth game, he was absolutely creaking … and one guy goes in there and everyone else goes away. It's not a team reaction that has 100% recovered for itself. "

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What is tangible is that Adelaide lost the largest and second-highest strength of its stunning campaign for 2017, which led to a grand finale.

The crows were number 1 in the competition for points from the craft and points from the half-back. However, in 2019, they fell to the 18th and 16th places in these categories Champion data.

Champion St Kilda and Essendon Brendon Goddard asked if Vrane had a plan B.

"They are good, but if a good defensive team is good enough to slow them down and take them down and take elite offensive kick and run and overlap from half through the middle, what's their plan B?" Asked Godard for Fok Sports Nevs . AFL Tonight.

"I'm sure it exists, because Don Pike is a great trainer and they have an experienced training team … but it looks like Plan A, what's their plan B, because it's not yet quite visible.

"It seems that their trust is exhausted. Their elite movement of the ball and the skills they had two years ago is still there because the list is relatively the same as three or four years ago.

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