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After Epic Store Deal, Steam Users Reviev Bomb Metro Games

It was a week for everyone involved in the post-apocalyptic series of survival shooters subway. On Monday, the latest game in the series, Metro Ekodus, became the exclusive Epic Games Store, he told Valve that the sudden departure was called "unfair to customers Steam." For some users, Steam, it served as a ralli.

While Epic plans to fulfill all Steam's pre-orders, Deep Silver sells the game at a lower price than it would have been for Steam for the North Americans (thanks to Epic's more favorable revenue sharing of 88/12), this means that The fans will have to play Metro Ekodus on the second PC game launcher, which for now, barebones that borders with the real fist of bad-wrinkle did not expect just a few weeks from the date of the game's release on February 15th.

Physical copies of the metro exit will not come with a steam key

Deep Silver's decision to leave Steam in the desert after the apocalyptic market will intensify even further. After surprising users and industry with the announcement that Metro Ekodus will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store, the official Metro Ekodus account confirmed that those who buy physical copies will not even receive the Steam keys when they are purchased.

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This led to a constant protest in the shape of everything from the bombs to review previous entries in the series Metro 2033 i Metro: The Last Light to disturb comments on every possible social media post that is related to the game.

Special bombs, in particular, were vicious, with over 3,000 negative reviews published on the Steam Store website 2033 i Last night in the past two days.

"This game is actually good, but f ** k Deep Silver for their [censored by Steam] actions Metro Ekodus, "Says one of the most expressive.

"Let me just negatively evaluate this game until Deep Silver sucks Epic's [censored by Steam] in another room, "says the other.

"I'm going to buy the game next week, but greedy publishers do not want to buy it, so I'll pierce it," says the third.

It is, unfortunately, not a surprising answer in view of the audience that Steam cultivated over the years implicitly and explicitly by advocating an irresponsible approach, enabling the development of a comprehensive atmosphere of players and developers, and unsuccessfully being protected from transparent bombs and other forms of toxicity. What is surprising is that Valve decided to give a public statement that would, without a doubt, instigate these people.

The company either decided to play dirty by hitting the butt, then slammed into the door beside Metro Ekodus, or is very naive about the behavioral tendencies of his audience.

subway the fans turned to blaming THK Nordic for things that suddenly appeared off-rails, but clarified that Koch Media, a subsidiary whose division of games subway Deep Silver publisher, he called it. Yesterday at Twitter, THK Nordic said This does not exclude future exclusivity, but wants "players choose the platform for their taste and make our portfolio available as many outlets as possible."

However, general manager Lars Vingefors later repeated this in a statement on the THK Investor's website, saying that he "fully" supports the "autonomy of our subgroups to manage their affairs" and is in particular "in full" support for this decision.

Kotaku contacted Deep Silver and Epic for more information on why the job was done when it did and what companies are planning to do about the reaction, if nothing else, but the first did not respond, and he refused to comment.

"I think Epic [do] all to help, and I did not have the impression that Steam gives shit. "

In in a press release on the agreement, however, the CEO and founder of Epic Tim Sveenei made his appeal at least partially apparent when he said that Metro Ekodus will be "supported by Epic's marketing support and dedication to generate revenue growth of 88%," said Deep Silver CEO Klemens Kundratitz, who will allow his company to "invest more in the future subway and our ongoing partnership with 4A Games developers, to our benefit subway fans. "

However, it remains to be seen whether things will really play like that. What happens after all if subway Sells like a gas mask in an irritated haven instead of a hot cake somewhere?

People also have it on official social media accounts and even those of some individuals, including Dmitry Glukhovsky, who wrote a series of books on which subway It is also designed to help you write narrative games.

In the beginning, people believed that Glukhovsky, in an unexpected turn, also openly refused to board a train without pairing, but despite screen shots or now a deleted or non-existent Instagram, in which he allegedly said he was helpless as his series "was killed ", His available Instagram comments suggest otherwise.

"I am not responsible for the publisher's business decisions, I'm doing my little thing – imagine the worlds," he said in response to one person who had transferred him to himself.

"Why?" Asked someone else, who said the deal was a bad decision. "I think Epic [do] all to help, and I did not have the impression that Steam gives shit. "

Kotaku he addressed Glukhovsky for clarification, but did not answer before publishing.

Undoubtedly, the Epic Games Store needs work, but Steam's retention is not good for everyone, and competition – something people are praying for years – is not always friendly.

Is Metro EkodusExodus in Epic Land Inconvenient? Definitely. Is it worth so much noise? Probably not. And while many of the hundreds of responses to the Glukhov post (or wrongly) punished or adored the flames of arguments, several attempts to put things in perspective.

"All these hate comments about Dmitry and 4A are the dumbest thing I've ever seen, not counting a review of the bombing at Steam (a good way to show Epic Games how" useful "user reviews)," says one answer.

"Yes, Epic Store has its own problems and some things are suspicious, but they're working on it (like giving a difference in price from Hades back, at least here, and a return policy). There are other ways and more intelligent issues for publishers. "

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