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Are Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull sandblasting? They are all · RaceFans


As usual in the first training for the new Formula 1, this was the case with sandbags at dawn.

"Only when you bring your trousers in tomorrow's qualifications to see where we are," Christian Horner noticed during training.

The accusations flew in different directions. Sebastian Vettel said that Mercedes's eighth-tenth in comparison with their rivals in practice showed that their comments to the public were about how Ferrari was in the testing was "shit".

However, Daniel Ricciardo does not think Ferrari's pace was real.

"Mercedes showed his hand, it was somehow expected," he thought. "They were quick, but I still do not think Ferrari or some other have shown their own [hands]. "

Charles Leclerc said that Ferrari's unusual loss of performance between the first practice, when they hit the Mercedes pace and seasonal session, fell into shiny conditions in the Albert Park circuit.

"FP1 was very positive, very happy about that," he explained. "FP2 a little less, a little more difficult. The wind rose and it seemed that we were still fighting a bit.

"But without panicking, we will try to understand what is wrong and we already have some ideas and we hope that we will be able to fix it for tomorrow."

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Leclerc's comments coincide with Vettel's remarks that he thought that Ferrari's equilibrium was as good as it was at the time of testing, but not always. Last year, the team worked on a regular basis with work on Friday and Saturday, thanks to the efforts of Daniil Quiet and Antonia Giovinazzi on the simulator. Will the new signing of Pascal Vehrlein be able to do the same magic? (Associate of Ferrari simulator, Brendon Hartlei is at a sports career in Sebring.)

It's likely that all teams are "# 39; large three & # 39; & # 39; they moved away from their potential pace from their rivals. This is confirmed by the differences shown in the timing of the circular charts below, which shows that they are farther along their path 2018 on this track than any other teams. In addition to Villiams, who at this early stage appeared on a course to repeat his terrible campaign in 2018.

"I do not think we have seen all the cards from any team," Valtteri Bottas admitted. "We know how much we can improve the qualifications for the race. But we have no idea how many others can.

"Ferrari was very strong during winter testing. I do not think their speed has anyhow disappeared. They must have tested something else.

There was no indication that Renault, last year's champion in the middle of the field, made significant progress in closing the front runners. Ricciardo was frustrated by the problem of linking the belt to all things at his first training on Friday for the team.

Daniel Ricciardo, Renault, Albert Park, 2019
It was not a good day at home for Ricciardo in his Renault

"To be honest, most of the days were a difficult day," he admits. "We got one round with soft tires in the end in the FP2 that put us in a more competitive position. But in the long run, it was not good either. So we were a little worse and worse.

"There is still a lot to learn how I feel about the car and I'm still likely to put it in some way, a few small tricks here and there. Nico [Hulkenberg] apparently has a little more knowledge about it, so I'll just try to figure out something about this direction and for now I will probably learn a few things from him and may, as time passes, learn some things for me.

"But for now, the car does not look too bad. His long ride looked better than mine and actually quite impressive so it's positive.

Or, as his boss said: "Pants on Saturday. It's the first real benchmarking this year … "

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The longest comparison – another practice

This chart shows all transient driving times (in seconds) during their longest continuous limit. Very slow circuits omitted. Scroll to zoom, drag to move, right-click to reset:

Combined training time

Compared to last year

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