Tuesday , September 27 2022

Blizzard has several mobile games in works outside Diablo Immortal


Probably it's pretty much underestimating just to say that the reaction is on Diablo Immortal It's negative. Blizzard received tons of returns from fans over the idea a Diablo mobile game, but if you count among people who are disappointed, you may want to pack yourself. As it turns out, Blizzard's mobile strategy can be much more intense than just one mobile game for one of its franchises.

It is obvious that Blizzard is currently working on several mobile games, as many – if not all – have their franchises to get mobile treatment at some point in the future. It is possible that these plans will change course, of course, but for now Blizzard has decided that he wants to hit the mobile space.

The video below (which was first shared in a Reddit post) was made during the K & A session for development on BlizzCon 2018. In it, CEO Allison Adham Blizzard explains the company's mobile strategy and suggests that the mobile phone will be a big part of its business advancement forward.

"As for Blizzard's mobile game approach, many of us have been shifting from playing over the past several years to playing many hours on a mobile device," Adham said. "We have many of our best developers working on new mobile headings across all our IP addresses. Some of them are with external partners such as Diablo Immortal; many of them are developing only internally, and we will have information that will be divided into those in the future. "

Adham said that Blizzard has "more new products in development today" than she ever had in her history, so we hope that it means that there is plenty of space for traditional PC games in the development schedule of the company.

Read more: It's okay to disappoint Diablo ImmortalRegardless of whether Blizzard started reviewing these mobile projects at a time when BlizzCon is something that remains to be seen. Reaction to Diablo Immortal Blizard's fans are negatively negative, and Blizzard played the defense at the time of the discovery. If fans do not like the idea a Diablo mobile address, it's hard to imagine that they will be based on them Starcraft or Varcraft.

We'll just have to wait and see what's going on, but it's safe to say that Blizzard's mobile strategy is brave. For now go to the comments section and give us your opinion – are you willing to provide mobile games based on some Blizzard's other franchises to try or are you not interested in any of them?

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