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Dust goes down to NSV farmers affected by drying


Dust goes down to NSV farmers affected by drying

Australian Associated Press

Western NSW farmers who have been affected by the drought have now had to face a horrible storm piercing across the region.

Walls of dust fell on Tuesday in front of thunderstorms that brought between 5 and 15 mm of rain, providing some relief for the gauze, but also without drought.

Louise Turner, who owns sheep property near the White Cliffs, east of Broken Hill, said the storm had brought winds up to 140km / h, which led to damage to the shed and seat at nearby stations.

Her own property got about 10 mm of rain, and while it was good to wet the dry soil, it was not enough to fill the defense or water started.

There were some suggestions about the next falls next week that could grow desperately needed food for the remaining 2000 head of stock.

Ms Turner said that their situation remained fairly "serious", but another 10 to 20 mm rain could allow them to stop handbreads.

"It will be solved. I just do not know if that will be the outcome we want," she said.

"Everyone has another story to say.

"Just comfort in the fact that there are other people who are going through the same thing."

Web site for forecasting Veatherzone said that storm dust was more common in NSV during years of drying.

"This is because seasonal thunderstorms that pass through the country are dumping dry topsoil and passing them over an uninterrupted landscape," the site said.

The record shows that the NSV experienced a fourth trial from January to October after the record began in 1900.

Several locations in the western NSV have experienced their most sublime so far in more than a century.


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