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Fortnite Season 8 skins, emotes, other prizes and costs of Battle Passa explained • Eurogamer.net

Fortnite Season 8 is finally here, introduces new folder locations and a tropical pirated theme.

There will also be a new one Fortnite Battle Pass, giving you access to the new one Season 8 skins i Season 8 emotes – provided you've invested time and effort to unlock them, of course.

If you have just started, our tips and tricks from Fortnite Battle Roiale can provide you with some useful tips.

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What is in Fortune, season 8 and the price of the battle is explained

Season 8 has come with a host of new additions and changes for all players, including:

  • Updating the tropical pirate map, with new names of Lazi Lagoon and Sunni Steps, as well as the volcano
  • Pirates cannons are added all over the map, which can fire cannon balls and toys
  • The added lava (which damages the players) and the volcanic holes (which move the players into the air)
  • Nev Parti Assist feature to help you compete with friends
  • Overwhelmed by the Ks-4 Stormving aircraft, as well as Sneaki Snovman, Chiller Grenade, Basket and Tanks
  • A new season of 8 skins, pets and emotions

Like season 7, season 8 offers a number of new prizes, most of which are closed behind Battle Pass.

Although you can unlock the selected number up with Free Pass, it's only with Battle Pass that the second level of unreachable awards is unlocked.

Battle Pass is a premium item, and again costs 950 V Bucks. You can buy a package of 1000 V-Bucks for about £ 8 / $ 10, or earn V-Bucks in-game through various activities.

Season 8 Battle Pass offers the following unlocking immediately:

  • Two suits
  • 50% personal match KSP incentive
  • 10% of friends respond to KSP amplification
  • Access to more challenges

These challenges are introduced weekly, starting from performing certain types of activities or finding hidden objects on the map, and their filling helps you rank your Battle Pass more easily, give these awards quicker.

Both these Battle Pass challenges and awards can be unlocked during your vacation, but when the new season begins, your progress is re-established, and a new set of rewards and ranks begins.

Fortnite Season 8 skins list

Blackheart skins (Tier 1, new styles unlocked with KSP progress)

Hybrid skin (Tier 1, new styles unlocked with KSP progress)

Skin Sidevinder (Level 23)


Leather skin (Tier 47)


Narrow skin (Tier 71)


Main skins (Tier 87 and 99)


Luke skins (Tier 100, new styles unlocked with remarkable progress)

Finally – Fortnite Season 8 skins, emoes and Battle Pass are here!

It comes with a new set of weekly Fortune Challenges – the latest including

Locations of a pirate camp and location of giant faces in the jungle, desert and snow.

Also, there are Discoveri Battle Star locations.

Fortnite Season 8 emotes list

There are lots of new emotions in season 8, as you would expect. Here's the list:

  • Greetings to a friend of emotion (Tier 14 – Free)
  • Conga Emotions (Tier 31)
  • Snoozefest emote (Tier 46 – free)
  • Nana Nana Emotions (Tier 63)
  • Hoop Master Emote (Red 95)

Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass revards list

There are two types of rewards available – those with Free Pass and those with Battle Pass, so keep in mind if you have an eye prize.

In short, season 8 prizes include:

  • 1300 V-Bucks
  • Two lovers
  • Sik Vraps
  • Four Akes
  • Five emotes
  • Two toys
  • Four gliders
  • Sik Back Blings
  • Five contrails
  • 13 Sprais
  • Three music tracks

Here they are completely …

Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass revards list

What were the previous awards Fortnite Battle Pass?

If you are curious to read about the prizes from the previous Battle Pass – and those available from Free Pass – here are the list of previous unlocking from the third season onwards.

Season 3 Battle Pass Prize

LevelBattle PassFree passage
150% personal PSP gain, 10% PSP support friends, Mission Specialist, Battle Pass ChallengesNo one
210% personal PSP incentive, 5k free level for the next seasonFree Tier Challenges
3Egg & banner iconNo one
4100k V-BucksNo one
5Vov & # 39; emoticonNo one
6Charging screen Supressed Pistol & # 39;Donut & banner icon
7HarvesterNo one
8Thief's emoticonNo one
95% of PSP friends encourageNo one
10Bee's banner iconSalute 'emotion
11100k V-BucksNo one
12Screen for loading harvesting toolsNo one
13Vorm & # 39; banner iconNo one
14Emoticon with heartIn Love "emoticon
15Rainbov Rider's gliderNo one
16Pav & # 39; banner iconNo one
1710% personal PSP incentiveNo one
18Boombok's emoticon100k V-Bucks
19100k V-BucksNo one
20Rainbow's parachute trackNo one
21Sun & # 39; banner iconNo one
22Emoticon Rocket RideaPrecision back bling
23Rust Lord's OutfitNo one
24Banner icon HavkaNo one
255% of PSP friends encourageNo one
26Chick & # 39; banner iconGood game & # 39; emoticon
27100k V-BucksNo one
28Tactical Shotgun's load screenNo one
29Banner banner for a dog's necklaceNo one
30Bush's emoticonBattle Roiale's load screen
31Take the Emotion L & # 39;No one
321000k Season KSPNo one
3310% of friends KSP amplificationNo one
34Banner icon Moon and cloud100k V-Bucks
35100k V-BucksNo one
36Ultramarine's parachute trailsNo one
37. t1000k Season KSPNo one
38Avvv's emoticonBanner icon Havka
39Carbon's gliderNo one
40Crab & banner iconNo one
415% of PSP friends encourageNo one
42Top Hat & # 39; banner iconEmoticon positivity
43100k V-BucksNo one
44Brite Unicorn's load screenNo one
451000k Season KSPNo one
46Thumbs Up & # 39; emoticonEva's harvesting tool
47Astro back blingNo one
48Thumbs Dovn & # 39; emoticonNo one
4910% personal PSP incentiveNo one
50All-Star & # 39; Parachute Tracks & # 39;Shooting icon
51100k V-BucksNo one
521 HP emoticonsNo one
531000k Season KSPNo one
54Ving & # 39; banner iconA + & # 39; emoticon
55Moonvalker's outfitNo one
561000k Season KSPNo one
575% of PSP friends encourageNo one
58Hot Dog & # 39; emoticonNo one
59100k V-BucksNo one
60Minigun's load screenNo one
611000k Season KSPNo one
62Snake & # 39; banner iconNo one
63Best Mates & emosNo one
64Hoarder & # 39; emoticonNo one
6510% of friends KSP amplificationNo one
66Teddi Bear "banner iconNo one
67100k V-BucksNo one
68Roads for parachutingNo one
691000k Season KSPNo one
70Dark Voiager – outfitNo one
71Dark Matter back blingNo one
72Banner icon clouds cloudNo one
735% of PSP friends encourageNo one
74200 IK Play emoticonNo one
75100k V-BucksNo one
76Raptor's loading screenNo one
771000k Season KSPNo one
78Volf & # 39; banner iconNo one
79Trusti No. 2 & # 39; HarvesterNo one
80Emoticon flashes RageNo one
8110% of friends KSP amplificationNo one
82Happi iconNo one
83100k V-BucksNo one
84Flames' parachute trailsNo one
851000k Season KSPNo one
86Kaboom's emoticonNo one
87Equipment for the Elite AgentNo one
88Lightning & banner iconNo one
895% of PSP friends encourageNo one
90Majestic's emoticonNo one
91100k V-BucksNo one
92Elite Agent loading screenNo one
931000k Season KSPNo one
94Mace & # 39; banner iconNo one
95The Rebot 'emoteNo one
9610% of personal gain PSPNo one
97Number 1 & # 39; emoticonsNo one
98100k V-BucksNo one
99Icon banner dinosaur skullNo one
100The Reaper, outfit, Challenges for Battle Pass Tier 100No one

Season 4 Battle Pass Award

LevelBattle PassFree passage
150% personal KSP incentive, 10% KSP boost friends, Carbide equipment, Battlehavk outfit, access to weekly challengesNo one
210% of KSP boost friends, 5 free levels for the 5th seasonStarter Challenges
3Ks Mark sprayNo one
4100 V-BucksNo one
5Dynamite emoticonNo one
6Carbide loading screenColor drop dash icon
7Gale Force pickakeNo one
8Light, camera, action emoticonNo one
95% of PSP friends encourageNo one
10Rainbov spraysStandard Release Last Bling
11100 V-BucksNo one
12Rek loading screenNo one
13Triangle banner iconNo one
14GG Smilei spraysAngel emoticon
15Sugar Crash GliderNo one
16Spraipaint icon bannerNo one
1710% of KSP boost friends, 5 free levels for the 5th seasonNo one
18ZZZ emoticon100 V-Bucks
19100 V-BucksNo one
20Retro Sci-Fi parachute trailsNo one
21Dog Bovl banner iconNo one
22Hearts spraysTimworthy emoticon
23Teknikue outfitNo one
24Babi Seal emoticonNo one
255% of PSP friends encourageNo one
26Duck banner iconOrange Justice emote
27100 V-BucksNo one
28Screen to load the leaderNo one
29Chalk Outline spraiNo one
301000 season KSPSupply Drop the load screen
31Popcorn EmotionsNo one
32Banner icon fenceNo one
3310% of KSP boost friends, 5 free levels for the 5th seasonNo one
34Circle sprai100 V-Bucks
35100 V-BucksNo one
36Spray Paint skidding tracksNo one
37. t1000 season KSPNo one
38Looted spraiChain banner icon
39Wings Valor gliderNo one
40Grenade banner iconNo one
415% of PSP friends encourageNo one
42Arrow sprayedRainbov emoticon
43100 V-BucksNo one
44Leviathan screen to loadNo one
451000 season KSPNo one
46Plotting emoticonTool for harvesting lollipops
47Zoei outfitNo one
48Roial Stroll sprayNo one
4910% personal PSP incentiveNo one
50Lightning skidding pathsDental banner icon
51100 V-BucksNo one
52Chicken emoticonNo one
531000 season KSPNo one
54Abstract spraiRespect emote
55Goodi Bag Back BlingNo one
56Do it! sprayNo one
575% of PSP friends encourageNo one
58Banner icon with penNo one
59100 V-BucksNo one
60Aerosol Assassins loads the screenNo one
611000 season KSPNo one
62Three Llamas spraysNo one
63Hype emoteNo one
64Crabbi emoticonNo one
6510% personal PSP incentiveNo one
66Vindov spraysNo one
67100 V-BucksNo one
68Roads for parachutingNo one
69Icon of lightning bannersNo one
70Trap Varning spraysNo one
71Valor outfitNo one
72Raven spraiNo one
735% of PSP friends encourageNo one
74A furious emoticonsNo one
75100 V-BucksNo one
76Zoei loading screnNo one
77Movie banner icon cameraNo one
78Kiss sprayNo one
79Intrepid gliderNo one
80Mask sprayNo one
8110% personal PSP incentiveNo one
82Bov banner iconNo one
83100 V-BucksNo one
84Shooting pathsNo one
85Brite Gunner loading screenNo one
86Teknikue spraiNo one
87Division of the squad leaderNo one
88Bird banner iconNo one
895% of PSP friends encourageNo one
90Bananas emoticonNo one
91100 V-BucksNo one
92Level loading screenNo one
93Arrow icon iconNo one
94Tunnel sprayNo one
95Groove Jam EmotNo one
9610% personal PSP incentiveNo one
97Celebrate emoticonNo one
98100 V-BucksNo one
99Shadov Ops spraysNo one
100Omega outfit, Omega ChallengesNo one

Season 5 Battle Pass Revards

LevelBattle Passfree
150% matching KSP, 10% of PSP friends, Huntress Outfit, Drift Outfit, Battle Pass Challenges tNo one
210% personal KSP boost, 5k Free Tiers for the next season.Crazi Castle Spray
3Naughts and Crosses Banner IconNo one
4100 V-BucksDrift Loading Screen
5Go EmoticonNo one
6Sushi SpraiGentleman's Dab Emote
7Cruiser GliderNo one
8Shopping Trollei Banner IconLet's Rock Emoticon
95% Friend KSP boostNo one
10100 V-BucksNo one
11Basketball ToiShip Banner Icon
12Boogie SpraiNo one
13Screen for loading the Nordic coat of armsNo one
14Dolphin Banner IconUplink Back Bling
15Baloon AkNo one
16Emoticon Pool PartiNo one
1710% personal KSP BoostNo one
18100 V-Bucks100 V-Bucks
19Abstract Loading ScreenNo one
20Lanterns ContrailNo one
21Mask Banner IconNo one
22Straberri Pavs SpraiDovnshift Glider
23Redline OutfitNo one
24Prickli EmoticonNo one
255% Friend KSP BoostNo one
26100 V-BucksPikels Roiale Sprai
27Golf Ball ToiNo one
28Huntress Loading ScreenNo one
29Lucha GG sprayNo one
301000 Season KSPLug Ake
31You are Avesome EmotNo one
32Hat Banner IconNo one
3310% personal PSP incentiveNo one
34Sun Strider Loading Screen100 V-Bucks
35100 V-BucksNo one
36Runic ContrailNo one
37. tStop EmoticonNo one
38Good Vibes SprayPool Parti Back Bling
39Conquest GliderNo one
40Durrr SpraiNo one
415% of PSP friends encourageNo one
42100 V-BucksDinosaur Banner Icon
43Beach Ball ToiNo one
44Jailbirds Loading ScreenNo one
451000 Season KSPNo one
46Embarrassed EmoticonCalculated Emote
47Sun Strider OutfitNo one
48Fake Door SprayNo one
4910% personal PSP incentiveNo one
50Golf Ball Banner IconLarge Explosive loading screen
51100 V-BucksNo one
52Alarm EmoticonNo one
531000 Season KSPNo one
54Drift SpraiGlitch and System Contrail
55Rearguard Back BlingNo one
56Ice Cream Truck Banner IconNo one
575% of PSP friends encourageNo one
58100 V-BucksTrap Emoticon
59Fancy Golf ToyNo one
60Flitrap Loading ScreenNo one
611000 Season KSPNo one
62Palm Tree Banner IconLaser Chomp Spray
63Swipe It EmoteNo one
64100 V-BucksNo one
6510% personal PSP incentiveNo one
66Omen Loading ScreenNo one
67Tattered EmoticonNo one
68Ice Cristals ContrailNo one
69Spider Banner IconNo one
701000 Season KSPNo one
71Sledgehammer OutfitNo one
72Norse Llama SpraiNo one
735% of PSP friends encourageNo one
74100 V-BucksNo one
75Fanci Beach Ball toyNo one
76Checkered Flag Banner IconNo one
77Red Knight Loading ScreenNo one
78Paste EmoticonNo one
79Splashdovn GliderNo one
80Potato Aim SpraiNo one
8110% personal PSP incentiveNo one
82Snorkel Banner IconNo one
83100 V-BucksNo one
84TP ContrailNo one
85Bad Apple EmoticonNo one
86Bandolier Loading ScreenNo one
87Rook OutfitNo one
88Cobra Banner IconNo one
895% of PSP friends encourageNo one
90100 V-BucksNo one
91Fans BasketballNo one
92Stinki EmoticonNo one
93Tomatohead loading screenNo one
94Iummi SpraiNo one
95Breakdovn EmoteNo one
9610% personal PSP incentiveNo one
97The way of the golden emoticonNo one
98100 V-BucksNo one
99Skull and beardNo one
100Ragnarok Outfit, Ragnarok ChallengesNo one

Season 6 Battle Pass Award

Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass

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