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High-school fans are banned from "serious" bad behavior

These poorly-run cheerleaders are on the bench – by the end of next year.

A high school in Atlanta, USA, suspended her group of fans for the rest of the basketball season after the young girls were caught cursing, mocking other teams, leaving tribunes to hang out and showing "gestures and movements" that led to unwanted attention. during the games, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"During the basketball season, I testified (and I had to intervene) in the serious situations of behavior and actions of our fan team that are badly reflected on Gradi," wrote director Betsy Bockman in a message to parents Gradi High School in January.

The most serious and burdensome incident, according to Bockman's letter, took place the day before her letter during a basketball game at Mainland Jackson High School, where members of the City's cheerleading team were noticed to give "offensive remarks" and other inappropriate behavior.

"When the team went on a bus, team members said they used a very profane adult language, including Jackson's administrators, school resources and Jackson's parents, as well as Jackson's students," continued Bockman's letter.

"This clip is then released on social media where it is shared multiple times."

City fans are also seen leaving the stands during the matches to socialize and mock other teams and their cheerleaders, Bockman said.

"The cheering players should be in the focus of the game – not the fan team," the letter continued. "The behavior and atmosphere created by the cheerleaders are too informal and unprofessional and have a negative impact on fans, basketball teams and Gradi."

Bockman said the school was working to "regain its reputation" after a series of incidents. The cheerleader team will be resumed at the beginning of the next school year, according to public school officials in Atlanta.

However, team seniors will continue to be featured as part of the upcoming high school evening event, reports VGCL.

This article first appeared on New York Post and was reissued with permission

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