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I'm a famous star from 2018 when they arrived in Australia


It's almost here.

A series of 2018. I am a famous personality right around the corner, and speculation has already been extensive in connection with these years.

The ITV series will return Sunday, November 18th .

Naturally, it has already been confirmed that Holly Villoughby will be together with Joan Donnelly for 2018.

As far as the competitors are concerned, as always the names of some stars are described as "confirmed" before the show is started – although ITV bosses do not do anything before.

But with the many people now arriving at the airport in Brisbane, we can be pretty sure who goes to the jungle.

These are actors who essentially confirmed their positions after they have come to the OZ so far.

Holly Villoughby nozzles

Holly Villoughbi arrives at Gold Coast Airport in Australia.

Holly arrived in Australia on Sunday morning.

She said that Ant MacPartlin was part of the decision he would fulfill for him that I was famous … to get me out of here.

This morning the star will present the series together with Declan Donnelli this year, while McPartlin will give up his presentations after his arrest for a drink.

She said in Mail On Sundai: "We talked and he was happy – it was part of the decision to do it.

"He just needs to look after himself, that's the most important thing.

Villoughbi, 37, added that the landing of the high profile was "definitely bitter."

She said: "I Celebrate is a huge show, but no one wanted to be asked to do it. It's not nice for anyone."

She continued: "He knows I'll take care of the show and keep it warm for him."

The first contestant to arrive was Fleur East

Fleur East arrives at Brisbane Airport in Australia

Fleur was the second in Factor in 2014. She said in the past that she addressed Celeb and Strictly Come Dancing, but she said she was never "quite a good moment".

Speaking of Mirror Online, when she was swimming through exits, Fleur (31) was brilliant about her upcoming reality.

The Ks Factor Star arrived in Brisbane on Sunday morning with two big cases, ready for the jungle journey.

Asked why she applied for a realistic show for 2014, she said, "Life is a jungle, but I like the risk of life, I like the challenge. If you do not live on the edge, you take too much space, you have to do something to excite you. "

Harry Redknapp landed

Harry Redknapp arrives at Brisbane Airport in Australia

Harry Redknapp's name is definitely related to I'm Celebrating Sundays and it looks like the rumors are true.

Former Tottenham and West Ham legend are the father of retired Jamie Jacks in England and uncle former Chelsea favorite Frank Lampard.

The 71-year-old touched the airport in Brisbane on Sunday at 10.20 am local time.

Asked why he applied, former manager Tottenham said: "Why would I do that? It would be an adventure, would not it, in my phase of life."

He said that he "did not really speak" to his son, James Redknapp, or his wife about his decision to enter the jungle.

With more stars set to touchdown in Australia on Sunday evening and Monday we'll update you

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