Thursday , May 19 2022

Kate Langbroek opens up about moving to Italy on The Project


Kate Langbroek has opened up about her decision to live in Italy, admitting she is "hanging by a thread" ahead of the move.

Langbroek, who hosts the Hit Network's drive show with Dave Hughes, revealed earlier this week she and her family are moving to Bologna for a year at the end of this week.

While she originally planned to quit the radio, Hughes convinced Langbroek to stay in her role and broadcast from Italy.

"I can not tell you why, because I've got NFI (no f ** king idea), but at the time it seemed like a good idea that we take our four kids kids and go live in Italy for a year," Langbroek said of the move on Wednesday night's episode of The Project.

"Why? I do not know, but I'm hanging by a thread. Mind you, so does a spider. "

Langbroek also detailed her new podcast series which sees her scam multiple men she met through dating sites – yes really.

In Scamming the Scammer Langbroek plays Barb, a wealthy middle aged woman who is looking for love on dating sites.

Langbroek said she created the alter ego to find out what dating scammers say to try and win over their victims.

"We started recording the calls and then playing them, and it's just the most fantastic thing ever because they think they're scamming me, but I'm scamming them," she said.

"He's got no idea, he thinks I'm an idiot."

The Project airs Sunday to Thursday at 6.30pm on Network 10.

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